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Mount Abbott

Mount Abbott

Mount Abbott: Blessed with scenic beauties

Mount Abbott, also popularly known as Lohaghat can be traced in the state of Uttaranchal. It has been blessed abundantly with scenic beauties and greeneries which envelops the small town. It is located in the Champawat district which has the Nagar Panchayat. The area covered is very less with a bunch of tourist spots which only a handful of tourists are aware of.
This place is known for the mythology that it holds. It has been named after lord Shiva. The British lord once said that Lohaghat is better than Kashmir in certain aspects. It also hosts the history of Varansur fort, the fort of Banasur. This place is also known for its massive and colorful celebration of Holi and Janmashtami. Apart from tourist attractions people often flock here for to get a view of the Galchaura and to enjoy the mood of Khadi bazaar.

Places of interest in and around Mount Abbott:
Advaita ashram: It is actually placed in the banks of Lohawati River which adds to the beauty of the place. Some of the magnificent temples can be found here. This place has an ancient aura in its area and speaks of myths and history. Most of the tourists who came here can also be considered as devotees. Even people have made this a site for pilgrimage. The Advaita ashram also known as the Mayawati ashram is a must see for all the devotees. The tiny town stands out because of its beautiful temples and the fascinating scenario. It is also considered to be a holy place for the Bengalis and during summer they prefer coming here.  There is a library here which contains vast information about Swami Vivekananda and that is the reason which pulls in the Bengali crowd.

Mount Abbott: The other major attraction that stands tall is the mount Abbott. It is nearly 7 kms from the town and allows you to enjoy a serene moment. The scenic beauty that one can see from here cannot be denied. It is a pleasant change to those who are habituated to see sky scrapers. The mountain may not be very high but was surely made by the hands of god. The peace, tranquility and serene environment are sure to calm your mind. The scenic beauty will engulf your mind and the air will make you feel fresh.
The most wonderful part is one can visit Lohaghat any time of the year. The weather is pleasant and the air is soothing. The town always seems to be in a festive mood and the charm never ends.

Connectivity to Mount Abbott:
Lohaghat is a small town where rail services have not reached yet. The nearest railway station is that of Tanakpur which is not less than 90kms away. The nearest airport is that of Naini Saini. Generally private cars and buses are available frequently for the purpose of visiting the destination.

Shopping in Mount Abbott:
If you have a tendency of reading books then the huge library collection at the Advaita ashram is just the perfect place to get it from. You can also buy small idols or handicrafts that are available in the local market and keep in mind to spend some time in the Khadi bazaar.


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