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विश्वानि देव सवितः दुरितानि परासुव । यद् भद्रं तन्न आसुव ।।   यजुर्वेद /30/3

O the Master of divine qualities, shining within all glory, the Creator! Gift us with the inspiration so that we get rid ourselves of all bad habits, bad deeds and miseries. In your eyes, whatever is likely to do our good, whether it is good attributes, actions or materials, may the same be available to us. Yajurveda/30/3

This famous Hymn/ Verse  of Yajurveda has provided the much needed pedestal, on which ‘’® is growing in leaps and bounds.

‘’® a venture of ‘Astro Vāstu’® is not only an organization, but a mission, committed to uphold Vedic Values, to preserve as well as develop Vedic Sciences e. g. Vedic Jyotish (Astrology), Vedic Sthapatya/ Vastu Shastra (Science of Edifice), Vedic Yagya/ Yagna, Vedic Yoga, Vedic Mantra Vigyan, Vedic Varna Chikitsa (Color Therapy), Vedic Yantras, Vedic Ratnas (Astrological Gemstones), Ayurveda (Indian Medicine System), Prakritika Chikitsa (Naturopathy), Vedic Aahar Vigyan (Dietetics), Palmistry, Numerology and all the other allied Sciences.

Without braking from the basic framework provided by the ancient seers, the  ‘’®  is making efforts to invigorate all these ancient sciences with ingenious, refreshing and rational interpretations, keeping with the changed times and circumstances.

This is in line with the injunction given by the omniscient Seers, as testified in the verse 13/12 of Nirukta; ‘When the number of wise Rishis started to decline, the human beings inquired the scholars, “Who would guide after all the sages are gone?” Then the scholars said, “In the absence of sages, reasoning or logic will guide you.” ’

Backed by the committed teams of astrologers, Vastu experts, priests, pundits;  ‘’®  is providing professional, authentic and genuine services as well as products to its clients, at very reasonable charges. Testimonials given by our clients endorse our humble claims.

With a purpose to give credibility and trustworthiness to the Astrology, Vastu and other interrelated divine sciences, just like other sciences e.g. Engineering, Medical, Astronomy; we have taken many path breaking steps. Our organisation has achieved maximum ISO Certifications in the field of Astrology and related Sciences; and that also first time in the world.

Further,  ‘’®  has taken such a bold step in the field of Astrology, Vastu and related Sciences, which, leave implementing, even no one thought about it, earlier.

Efficacy and reliability of products, services, predictions and suggestions, offered by  ‘’® , are subjected to third party audit. This bold step not only shows the confidence and genuinely of this astrology website, but it also helps to improve its services to the level of perfection.

This is not a matter of surprise that  ‘’®  is the only web portal in the world, which has taken such a bold and confident step.

 ‘’® , run by experts of Astrology, Vastu and related sciences, admits with grief and sorrow that  nothing material has been added in the great depository left by the great seers of yore, at least in last one thousand years.

This is the reason that competent and committed team of  ‘’®  remains engaged in the continuous and painstaking research in all these fields. Results of these researched has helped us to serve our clients in most reliable as well as innovative way.

Understanding its social responsibility,‘’® serves many social causes through ‘AHWAAN’ (Association for Human Welfare And Awakening the Nation), a Public Charitable Organization, run by the promoters of ‘’®.


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