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Akola, a growing city for the west of India:
An overview of Akola
Akola is one of the fast growing cities in the state of Vidharbha, Maharashtra. The city of Akola is one of the major districts in Maharashtra and is situated 250 km from Nagpur. The local governance is under the Akola municipal corporation and Akola marks to be its head quarter. The city in the state had been showing quality signs of development all over the years. The city at present is having a quality grain market in the region and had been exporting a major quality of that to the international borders. The Akola being the third largest city of Vidharbha makes an important mark over the administration and the geographical location supports the government to make a steady rule of the districts. The Akola also marks an important mark in the history of Indian independence. It from Akola the greats of Bhagat Singh and his team had dared to stop a train and loot the provinces currencies. Akola had been significant in a way that it would be marking the beginning of the extremist movement in India which had a strong hand in giving India the Independence.

The Akola is a part of bearer which was ruled by the satavahana dynasty. The dynasty had been making all the base of the strong will powers of the Marathas into the region and thus which had helped them to continue their invasions against the British and also against all the other invaders who had once invaded India.  Akola had also seen a period of Muslim rule over there as that had marked to be the beginning of protest of the Marathas against the invasions. The city of Akola had been ruled by Ala ud din khilji in the past, and there is still marks and remains the Muslim rule in the region. Akola had in the past seen various wars and battles too which the Marathas had fought to protect their mother land and also to protect their own citizens living all together.

The availability of tourism in the city of Akola:
Shree raj rajeswar Mandir: A spectacular temple in the city highly followed by the locals in the region can attract a huge portion of the tourist crowd as a part of local sightseeing. The temple being a holy place of worship for the locals, the guides and the tour programmers always recommend a visit to the temple.

Shegaon: The Shegaon is a place of pilgrim 35 km far from the main city of Akola. The place is the biggest temple trust of shree Gajanan Maharaja. The temple will definitely make a mark of interest for the tourist looking into the beautiful decoration for the temple and also of the gardens.

Narnala: Narnala a noted fort in the region which was used by many o the battles by the Marathas as their guard. Trying to figure out how the Marathas had fought bravely for the security of the nation, tourist’s can definitely have a look at the fort as mark of respect for those soldiers.


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