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Alibagh, the beautiful coastal city of Kankan
About the city of Alibagh
This city of Maharashtra is located on the coastal line of the Kankan Coast area facing the Arabian Sea. This 17th century situated city is known for its beautiful historical monuments. Apart from feeling the historical depth of this city through its monuments, you can also engage yourself by visiting its beautiful and clean beaches. In these coastal areas, you can enjoy different water sports activities. This 300 years old town is located only 110 km from the metro city Mumbai. Apart from its name Alibagh, this city is also known as Sree bagh. Nowadays, this city is famous of its textile industry, mango and coconut supplying backgrounds.

Destinations to explore in Alibagh

    • Alibagh beach- this flat stretch beach is recorded as the central beach of this city. Clean black shaded sands along with clean waves makes this beach area into a comfortable walking place for the travelers.
    • Alibagh Fort-In 1852, Alibagh used to be the centre of Raigad district’s administration. Prior to that time in the ruling period of Shivaji, he built this fort. This fort used to be a powerful monument for controlling the naval activities in Maratha period. This fort has whiteness many battles.
    • Varsoli Beach-This beach is located one mile away from the Alibagh beach area. Being located on the suburb area, this beach enjoys a quiet atmosphere. Apart from the quiet surroundings, clean water and dense green coconut makes this beach into one of the most attractive tourist spot.
    • Nagaon Beach-This beach is located 10km away from the centre of the city Alibagh. This coastal location is well known for its thick coconut trees and beetle nuts. In this beach, you will come to experience different attractive water sports activities.
    • Siddheswar temple- This ancient temple is dedicated to praise Lord Shiva. While travel to this 4km away beautiful temple, you need to trek a little to reach this shrine. If you come to this temple on the Shravan month (July-august), will see a large arrangement of worshipping Lord Shiva. Apart from watching this temple, you can notice a ruin of the ancient fort Sagadgad.
    • Bet El Synagogue-This Jewish shrine is considered as a community centre. According to historians, this city used to be the residing place of a large Jewish community. From that period, this religious site has become a place of bonding different religions of India and Jewish under one roof.
    • Janjira Fort- This fort is located 55km away from the city. According to historians, this 40 ft tall fort was built in 15th century AD, which used to be under control, of the ruler of Ahmednagar, Malik Amber. In previous times this fort has a built up of wooden base with numerous turrets and towers, which was in use for keeping guns. Along with its construction, the stone works and carvings and the presence of a sweet water lake, transforms this castle into one of the most important attraction if Alibagh.
    • Undheri Fort- By traveling to this fort you will come to see that how the history can be personified through architecture. As per its archaeological evidences, experts confirmed this fort was built in the year 1680 by Sidi Qasam. Later this fort was operated by different dynasts like Siddis, Peshwash and British. To reach to this historical site, you need to take a local boat.

Things to Buy in Alibagh
Fruits and Nuts- as this city is encircled with coconut and various seaside nut trees like Beetle, so whenever step out for shopping, you may buy coconuts, mangoes, Beetle nuts from the local shops.

Textile- You can consider buying fashionable clothes from this city, which are easily available in this city.


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