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Along, the city of tribal art
About the city
Along is a beautiful city, located in the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh. The natural surroundings of this 619 mt located city attract many travelers from different places. Apart from being a beautiful city, the friendly tribal people are another excuse to explore this city more than once. If you look at the geographical positioning, the n find that, this city is encircled by mountain range. On the other part you will come across the Rivers Sipu and Siyom, which meet with the largest River of Arunachal Pradesh, named Siang. This beautiful city is bounded by the China in the north, where as the eastern part is closed by the Upper Siang and East Siang districts. The western side of the city is bounded by the Upper and Lower Subansiri districts.

Places of Interest

    • Museum-This ancient museum of Along is recorded for its brilliant collection of Tribal bamboo, cane works. Apart from watching the heritage collection s of tribal art, in this museum, travelers will also get a view of the agricultural and social life of the tribal race in Along. Collections of tribal weapons and swords can be found here. For having such a remarkable collection, this museum is noted as one of the major attractions in this city.
    • Kamki Hydropower dam- This dam is located on the Siyom River. This dam plays an essential role in the hydroelectric supply in this city. To see the working culture of these plants, travelers prefer to explore this site. Along with its contribution in the hydroelectric supply, this dam is famous for its light embedded appearance at night. The falling of lights on the flowing water brings a heavenly appearance to this dam.
    • Ramkrishna Ashram-This ashram of Along is related with the Belur Math Ramakrishna Mission... This spiritual house of Ramakrishna Paramhansha dev is noted for running a missionary school. The importance of this site is that, it is connected with different spiritual as well as social welfare activities. This place is also famous for providing a calm environment to meditate
    • Mithun and Jersy Breeding farm-This farm of Along is noted for breeding of Jersey cows with Wold gaur. Travellers prefer this place to view the maintenance to watching the milking cows.
    • Orange Orchards- this is one of the most attractive site located near Along. By traveling to these lush green orchards of orange, you will find a wide range of orange cultivation near this place. Along with that, smells and taste of this fruit will capture your mind. It is a must see place in the Along to get an insight about the orange cultivation culture.
    • Kane Wildlife Sanctuary- This 55sq mt covered wild life shelter is noted for offering a wide variety in the collections of flora and fauna. The peaceful green surroundings of Along offers you a wide range of animals and insects. In the sanctuary you will find a variety in the tropical evergreen, semi evergreen and sub tropical broadleaf hill forest inside this sanctuary.


    • Cane and Bamboo works- while traveling this city, you can purchase some artistic examples of the bamboo and cane made clannish art works from the local shops.

Orange- As this city is famous for its orange cultivation, so while traveling here, you may purchase a box of sweet and fresh oranges from here.


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