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Ambaji Temple

Ambaji – The Town Of Temples and the Abode of Goddess Durga
The Holy City of Ambaji
Ambaji is a holy town located at the foothills of the beautiful Arasur hills in Gujarat. The town is named after the Amba Devi temple, the abode of Goddess Durga, which according to legends is the place where the heart of Maa Durga fell. It is considered to be one of the most sacred places for Hindus and has an aesthetic appeal that attracts numerous visitors and devotees from far off places. In addition to being a religious city, Ambaji is also renowned for its vibrant environment where visitors can enjoy a peaceful existence in the vicinity of nature as yet relatively unharmed by human intrusion.

Prominent Tourist Spots
Ambaji Temple: Irrespective of the multitude of temples scattered in and around this holy town, the Ambaji temples is undoubtedly the most revered and sacred of them all. The temple which is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths, is unique in that is does not have any idol or sculpture of Goddess Durga. Rather devotees worship a Vishwa Yantra which is shaped like a triangle and is located in a simple cave like space in an inner wall. Apart from being a holy place, the temple is also renowned for its beautiful architecture and equally mesmerizing structural design. 

Gabbar Hill: Located near the banks of River Sarswati, in the vicinity of the Gujrat- Rajasthan border, Gabbar Hill is an important tourist hot spot in the region. The main attraction of the hill is a small temple situated underneath the holy Pipal tree. Devotees have to walk up 999 steps to reach the temple, which is believed to have the footprints of Goddess Ambaji, who resided here. A famous mela is organized at this place annually on the eve of Bhadarvi Purnima.

Kumbhariya Jain Temples: This collection of Jain temples is believed to have been built about 900 years ago. Located 2.2 kms away from Ambaji, the temples are dedicated to the five Jain Tirthankaras. The temples are beautifully decorated with shikaras, terrace balconies and the cultural images of Jain religion and medieval age. Made form white marble, the temples have magnificent sculptures of Gods, Goddesses, musicians and damsels. Another unique fact about the temples is that each of them faces towards north.

Kamakshi Mandir: Located in the neighborhood of the Kumbhariya Jain temples is the famous Kamakshi temple, where devotees get to know about the different incarnations of Adhya Shakti Mata. The temple is situated at a distance of 3.6 kms form Ambaji and sees a huge influx of visitors and devotees during the Navratra festival, when it is finely decorated and special prayers are held.

Kailash Tekri: Located at a distance of 1.9 kms from Ambaji, is the beautiful temple dedicate to Lord Shiva. The Shivalya placed on the top of the tekri is a mesmerizing sight to behold. The temple has a stone gate, which was constructed by the temple trust, which not only manages the temple but also handles its administrative needs. There is also a beautiful sunset point in the vicinity of the temple, which is known as Kailash Hill Sunset.

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple: This is yet another beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at a distance of 8 kms from Ambaji. Situated in the vicinity of River Saraswati, the temple is believed to have been constructed by Maharana Pratap. It is believed that the site of the temple is the place where Ravana dropped the Shivlingams gifted to him By Lord Shiva, and which then broke into numerous pieces. There is also a holy kund near the temple which attracts numerous devotees every year.


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