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Ambikapur, the Agriculture Town
Ambikapur is a beautiful town located in the Surguja District of Chhattisgarh. It is one of the oldest districts of Chhattisgarh State. The city derived its name from goddess Ambika Devi, which is the central place of worship in the area. The nearby areas of ambikapur are rich in forest and mineral deposits. It is also agriculturally very rich city. Almost 41.67% of the area is rich in agriculture, which is the major source of income for the local population. About 90% of the population is dependent upon the agriculture produce. As of 2011 the population of ambikapur was 214575.  It is the most literate city in Chhattisgarh with 88.20% of the population being literate. Ambikapur is the only town of Chhattisgarh state that is occupied by people from all over India. Ambikapur also forms the part of the mineral rich Chhattisgarh. The major ore present in Ambikapur Bauxite, coal, sulpher, mica, copper, fire clay etc. Not only these minerals are untapped till now but also most of the area remains unexploited because of the terrorist movement in Chhattisgarh. Ambikapur boasts of its minerals in metallurgical grade 1. This is the best grade of minerals.
Also almost 50% of the surrounding area is covered with forest providing it with the best rainfall that is good for agriculture and provides ample timber for the need of the city.  These forests are important since they not only provide timber of commercial value but other forest materials of high value.  

History of Ambikapur
Ambikapur is the oldest district of Chhattisgarh and used to be the seat of power in medieval India. The ambikapur palace is the testimony of the power Ambikapur enjoyed in earlier times. In ancient times it formed the part of Dakshin Koushal which formed the part of Martha Empire in modern times. Many empires ruled this place. Being strategically located near the hills it was an area that can be easily defended during wars and hence it became the regional headquarters of the empire that ruled Dakshin Koushal. Agriculture has been practiced here in Ambikapur since ancient times. Almost 90% of the local people practice agriculture hence it is their main source of income. 
 The tribal people of Chhattisgarh have been present here since the early Ramayana period. Even today the tribes of Pandos and Korwas still live in the rural areas around Ambikapur. These people are forming the rich culture of Chhattisgarh. With their special dances and rich folk lore they are the heritage of the Chhattisgarh.

Places to Visit in Ambikapur
Mainpat: A charming hill station near Ambikapur is a major tourist attraction. This hill station is in Surguja district of Ambikapur and also boasts of some of the best hotels and fold dances clubs.
Tiger Point Waterfall: This waterfall is located in Mainpat and is also a major tourist attraction in Mainpat. This fall is very beautiful with serene beauty. People are attracted to Mainpat mainly because of this beautiful waterfall.
Buddha Temple: This temple is located in Mainpat and is a major attraction for Buddhist religion people. This temple dedicated to lord Budha is hundreds of years old and is a revered place.
Folk Dances Perhaps the life and soul of Chhattisgarh is its folk dance. The famous fold dances practiced here are Pandwani, Panthi, Rawat nacha etc. This art is mainly practiced by the local tribal population and attracts lot of tourists.

Things to buy in Ambikapur
Ambikapur is mainly rich in good timber. The timber work here in ambikapur is the main attraction to buy. So if you are here in Ambikapur don’t forget to buy the best timber material from here.


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