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Amravati – The Motherland of Numerous Legendary Personalities
About Amravati
Amravati, which literally means “the abode of immortals”, is a district in the state of Maharashtra. The district is situated midway in the northern border region of the state, within the Deccan plateau. The district derives its name from “Udumbravati”, which refers to the large number of Audumber trees found in the region. It is also said that the district is named after the renowned Ambadevi temple, which is a prominent religious place in the region. Historically, Amravati was a major region of the kingdom under the reign of Maurya King, Ashoka. Later it came under the governance of the Nizam, before being annexed in 1833 by the East India Company as a part of its growing empire.

Prominent Tourist Hot Spots of Amravati
Shri Ambadevi Temple: The temple dedicated to Goddess Ambadevi, is situated in the heart of the Amravati city.  The ancient temple is frequented by Hindu devotees in large numbers and especially young girls of marriageable age. According to the local legend, the temple was visited by King Bhishmak's daughter Rukmini, just a day before her proposed marriage to Shishupal, which was then cancelled as she eloped with Lord Krishna, whom she considered to be her husband.  The temple is beautifully decorated during Navratri and Dussehra, the two festivals which are celebrated with great zeal and fervor.

Shri Bhakti Dham Temple: The Bahkti Dham temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his companion Radha and features beautiful idols of both these deities. The temple also has a statue of Shri Sant Jalaram Bappa, which is placed within the main sanctum. There is a small yet beautiful and well-maintained park on the backside of the temple complex, which is quite favored by young children.

Shri Ekvira Devi Temple: This temple, dedicated to goddess Ekvira Devi is placed in the neighborhood of Shri Ambadevi Temple. The temple was constructed by Shri Janardan Swami, the son of Amravati Paramhans in 1660. It is said that the shrine of the deity located within the temple complex is a form of Shakti. The temple is frequented by visitors and devotees from all parts of the state and country, especially at the time of Navratri celebrations.

Gavilgarh Fort: The fort, which is situated at a height of nearly 1103m, has been constructed nearly 300 years ago. The fort is named after pastoral Gavalis. He was the person who had constructed a fort of mud at this place.  Later, the modified new fort in 1425, was constructed by Ahmad Shah Wali, who was  the ninth king of the Baharmani dynasty, while still later, Fateh-ullah Imad-ul-Mulk, who was founder of the  Imadshahi in Berar, made extension to the fort and even reconstructed it. The fort is having two levels, with the outer fort constructed at a lower level in comparison to the inner fort. Between the outer and inner fort lies Delhi Darwaza, besides which there are two main gates of the fort. The fort also features two working tanks, although it originally had eight of them. The walls of the fort are also inscribed with several writings in Urdu, Hindi and Arabic scripts, in addition to the carvings of various animals. 

Wadali Talao and Chatri Talao: The two talaos are renowned reservoirs used for supplying drinking water to the people of Amravati city. Even though both the talaos are placed at a significant distance from each other, they are amongst the major tourist hubs of Amravati city. Both the talaos feature small gardens which them an ideal picnic spot and are often frequented by children. Wadi Talao also has zoo which attracts numerous visitors to this place. On the other hand people can enjoy boating at Chatri Talao, which makes it popular tourist destination.


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