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Antarvedi, the Dakhsina Kashi of India
About the city Antarvedi
Antarvedi is an ancient city of Andhra Pradesh. This beautiful site is located on the convergence of Bay of Bengal and Vashistha Godavari River. This ancient city of Andhra Pradesh is famous for its beautiful temple of Lord laxmi narsimha Swami temple. According to experts, the name of this temple was given to honor the Lord Narsimha. For this reason, this city is often called as Narsimhakhetra. As per the archaeological experts, this temple was constructed in between 15th and 16th centuries. If you turn up the mythological texts of India, then will notice that this place is blessed by the steps of seven sages. According to the mythological belief, this place is also known as Sapta Sagara Sangam Pradesha.

Places of interest in Antarvedi

    • Arundhati Vashitha temple- As per mythology, in this site sage Gautami did a penance to get free from the curse that he gained for killing a cow. To perform this penance sage Gautami brought River to this site, which is noted as Gautami River. Later after end of the penance another notable sage of Hindu mythology, named Vasistha brought a tributary of Godavari River to this site. From that time, Sage vasistha and his consort Devi Anuradha founded can ashram to settle here with their hundred sons. Now days this ashram is recorded as the Arundhati Vashistha Sevasram. This temple is one of the sacred temples for the newly married couple, where they get the blessing of prosperity and happiness in their conjugal life.
    • Neelakantheswara Temple-This temple is dedicated to Neelkantha, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The architecture and its mythological background, make this temple as one of the must to see temple in this city. According to mythological texts, the idol of Lord Shiva of this temple was worshipped by Lord Bramha.
    • Laxmi Narasimha Temple-This pious shrine of Lord Narasimha is counted among the major 32 shrines of Lord Vishnu. For housing this shrine, Antarvedi is often described as Dakhsina Kashi. The interesting factor behind this water surrounded temple is that here the idol is situated by facing the west. Whereas in other Hindu temples, most of the deities are facing the eastward direction. According to mythological experts, this temple was built by following the guidelines of Vedas. Here the presence of five elements like fire, air, water space and land was considered in its construction. Apart from viewing the idol of Lord Vishnu, here you will see the idols of seven sages, Tripura Sundari, Lord Ganesha and the idols of other notable deities of Hindu religion.
    • Sagara Sangam-Sagar Sangam is one of the most attractive destinations. By going to this place, you will find the beautiful sight of Bay of Bengal meeting with other Rivers.
    • Sri Nookambika Amaravati Temple-This is another interesting shrine located in the Antarvedi. This is also noted as one of the most ancient temple of this city. This beautiful ancient temple is dedicated to worship Goddess Durga in the name of Nookambika.  If you reach this destination in some special occasions like Navaratri, will get a chance to offer a special puja to the deity.

Shopping in Antarvedi
Religious buy- While planning for buying anything, from this dakhina Kashi, then check out the idols of laxmi Narsimha and some notable religious books from the local shops.


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