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Aritar, the heaven of nature lovers
Information of the city of Aritar
Aritar is a small place located amidst the beautiful surroundings of Himalaya. This place is a noted place for its wide spread landscapes, waterfalls. This place is bounded by the beautiful hill range of Mt Kanchenjunga. According to experts, this city came into existence in 1904, during the signing of the Indo- Tibetan Convention. From that time, this eastern region of Sikkim becomes an interesting site for the nature lovers.

Tourist Spots to explore in Aritar

    • Lampokhari- This beautiful lake is located 4600mt above the sea level. This lake is considered as one of the ancient natural lake in Sikkim. Nowadays, Sikkim Government has constructed artificial garden embellishment and a boating facility system to make it more appealing to the travelers.
    • Aritar Giumpha-This monastery is well known as one of the oldest and sacred Gumpha in Sikkim. This gumpha is known for its calm surroundings. In this Gumpha, you will find the touch of ancient architecture. Apart from the traditional monastic art, the collection of carved murals and valuable manuscripts will make your traveling more memorable.
    • Parbateyswar Shivalaya mandir-This beautiful temple is dedicated to worship Hindu God Lord Shiva. This pious shrine becomes one of the must to see place for Hindu pilgrims in sawan (July-August) month to offer the holy water to Lord Shiva.
    • Kali Khola falls-This 100m tall beautiful falls is also known as the Lonely falls. One can view this falls during his traveling over the Rhotang Rongli Road tour.
    • Dak Bungalow-The first political officer of Sikkim, Sir James Claude White, built Dak Bungalow-This historical Bungalow in 1895. This Bungalow is also named as the Ari Bungalow which was created in the ruling period of British people in India.
    • Lungchok Valley-This valley is one of the major attractions for the nature lovers located in Aritar. By traveling to this Lokdara located valley area, travelers can view the astounding surroundings of this location. Apart from offering a beautiful view, this site is famous for offering various adventurous activities like trekking.
    • Mankhim Temple-This beautiful nature worshipping temple is located near the Maity Village. This beautiful temple is located 6500ft above the sea level. Apart from watching this nature worshipping temple of Maity Village, you can view the nearby rocks, with the footprints of elephants.
    • Phushrey lake-This forest surrounded lake is located few km away from the Aritar region. Near this lake you will find an old log to be reflected on the calm lake water. Near this lake, you will find the rare collections of panda, peasant, butterflies and wild uncommon orchids.
    • Chamgey Waterfall-This waterfall is placed near the Lampokhari Lake. This waterfall is recorded as one of the major tourist attractions of this city for its marvelous surroundings.
    • Ever Green Nursery and Ram Gauri sangrahalaya-This plantation area is well liked for sheltering a wide range of wood and horticultural plants. This privately owned property is located near the Rhenock bazaar.
    • Love dara- This place is located on the foot of the hill side area. This beautiful place is known as one of the most attractive picnic spots in Sikkim.

Shopping in Aritar
Local handcraft- While travelling Aritar, you may buy some beautiful handmade sculpture works of bamboo from its nearby shops.


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