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Bakkhali a beautiful place to explore nature
Exploring the sea beach of Bakkhali
Bakkhali is an ideal travelling destination for those, who are looking for a quick trip of 3-4 days within an affordable amount. If you are living in any suburbs area of Kolkata, and want to take a break from the mundane life of the city by exploring some peaceful days in the lap of nature, then this coastal area is ready to fulfill your requirements. According to various historical records it can be said that this city watched its date of presence from the beginning of the 20th century. Then this city used to be popular as Frasergunj, which was discovered by Sir Andrew Fraser, a Governor of West Bengal in the British period. That time this place used to be the residing place of Sir Fraser.

Things to see- Places nearby Bakkhali which are must to see
Sea Beach of Bakkhali -As this place is located near the seaside areas of Bay of Bengal, so the key attraction behind travelling this destination is its beach areas. Often travelers prefer to walk on the warm of the beach sands during the morning and evening time in their course of travelling.

Henry’s Island- Apart from enjoying the sunrise and the sunsets of this beach , you can take a trip to nearby Henry’s Island, to watch the tower  of the British period. From here you can see the farfetched Mangrove tree areas and a broad view of the sea beach and the city from this tower. It is an amazing experience for travelers to see a beautiful combination of the golden beach sands and bright green mangrove trees at a time from this tower.

Fishing villages- When travelling Bakkhali, you can hire a rickshaw or a van to explore its nearby fishing community villages. The cordial behavior of the village people will fill up your travelling days with the touch of warmth.

Spend a day in Diamond Harbour- When planning to travel Bakkhali; do not miss a chance to enjoy the nearby open market areas of Diamond harbor. Here you will get to buy fresh fish and vegetables. Apart from this here, you can access some special shops for buying various handmade art crafts by local people.

Bishalaxmi- This temple is located near Bakkhali. The architecture of this temple is something to look for while travelling in this temple.

Walking in the Fraser gung beach areas- Another reason for popularity of Bakkhali, is its clean beaches. When you will take a walk on the beach sands, you will come to experience a crowed less walking experience on the beach, which is one of the rarest things that you can get in this place.

Relax- Bakkhali is a unique destination in India that is prepared for the relaxation of the travelers. Here you will get few sightseeing option in comparison with other coastal areas of India. It is only made for rejuvenating a traveler.

Things to buy in Bakkhali
Fish Buying- Fish is the ultimate thing that you can buy from this location. Here you will get different types of fresh fish in an unexpected low amount. Most of the travelers prefer to buy their favorite fish while they come to travel this place.


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