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Ambaji Temple

Bankura – A City Of Great Historical and Cultural Significance
Getting To Know Bankura
Bankura is a city in the district of the same name in West Bengal. The city is located near the banks of River Dwarakeshwar and has great historical significance. Not only is the area mentioned in Mahabarta, but it is also believed that the region was visited by Lord Mahavir himself. The region also a great seat of art and culture and has contributed significantly towards enriching the culture of Bengal. Whether it is terracotta, or modern art, the classic music of Bishnupur Gharana or the modern Bengali rock bands, Bankura has played a vital role in the growth of these various art forms.  

Places to Visit
Bankura has for long been a major tourist hot spot primarily because of its rich historical and cultural heritage. The place is also known for its hills and temples which are quite popular amongst visitors not only from India but from all parts of the globe. Given below are the basic details of some of the most prominent tourist attractions of Bankura.

Susunia Hill: This is the second highest hill in Bankura and is famous for its holy spring known locally as Dhara. Located in the north-western region of Bankura, Susunia hill is also famous for its trekking and rock climbing facilities. In addition, the place is also quite popular for its natural beauty and the diverse range of plant life that can be seen here. It also has a great reserve of medicinal plants and a famous inscription on stone which is believed to belong to King Chandravarman.

Biharinath Hill:  Biharinath is the highest hill in area and is situated in the northern region of Saltora Block. The hill is 57 kms away from Bankura district and is often referred to as the guardian of the north-western border.  The hill is considered to be an ancient center of Jainism and also features a famous temple of Lord Shiva. The hill is also known for its diverse range of flora and fauna natural and the beauty which include dense forests, water bodies and even River Damodar. It is also home to some of rare species of animals including pangolin, hyena, racaphorus and chameleon.

The Siddheswar Temple: This ancient Hindu temple is perhaps the most important tourist spot of Bankura.  Located in the Onda region, the temple is famous for its mesmerizing design and decoration. Constructed nearly 1000 years back, before the Muslim era, the temple has beautiful stucco work on the pillars and towers which are made from brick. The temple has been given the status of a protected monument and attracts countless visitors and pilgrims from all parts of the world.

Mukutmonipur:This second largest earthier dam of India, constructed over the meeting point of Rivers Kangsabati and Kumari, is located 55 kms away from Bankura city in the southwest direction. The area is known for its natural beauty and the bluish tinge of water. The area presents the view of a three-dimensional necklace in green and terracotta color. The water reservoir presents a spectacular view especially on moonlit nights, when the water looks like a shiny silvery plate. Another major attraction is the deer park located just near the reservoir.

Jhilimili: A place of natural beauty is Jhilimili. The forest located over here is totally covered with Mahogany, teak and Sal tree.

Jayrambati:  Srima Sarada Devi took birth in this place. Besides Ramkrishna Mission, there are some beautiful temples located nearby.

Things to Shop For in Bankura
Bankura is quite famous for its silk Sarees, especially the Baluchari and Swarnachuri Sarees which are produced only in this region. Despite being quite heavy and expensive, the Sarees are known for their beauty and long life. There are numerous shops in and around the city where visitors can get good quality silk Sarees in different designs and at authentic prices.

TERRA-COTTA:  Bengal is very well known for its Terra Cotta work. The craftsmen who work on this Terra Cotta work are called Khumbhakars, which means Potter man. On a definite note you can buy beautiful terracotta tiles for decoration purpose from Bankura. The Terra cotta Horse is very popular and tourist in large number buys the pair of Bankura Terracotta horse way back home.
DOKRA: The Tribal people of Bankura are specialized in Dokra work. These are ornamented products of cast metal. Dokra work is high in demand in overseas countries.

WOOD CARVING: decorative items, Idols and pots made out of wood carving looks really beautiful and give the interior of room a different Charisma.

CONCH SHELL: bangles made out of conch shells are very popular in Bengal. Bengali married women wear this white color bangle made out of conch shells. Craftsman makes decoration on these bangles by carving and gives a beautiful look to it.

COCONUT SHELL:  Beautiful decorative items like Astray, Toys, Candle stand, Lampshade, & novelties are made out of coconut Shells. You can collect it for gifting purpose.

BAMBOO -CRAFT: Bamboo Craft is increasing at a rapid speed in this district of Bankura. Beautiful items are created out of bamboo sticks which you can definitely buy for home.


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