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Baramulla – The Place of Ziyarats and Temples
Baramulla Overview
Baramulla, also known locally by the name of Varahamula or Varmul, is in district of Kashmir region. The ancient town is of great mythological significance, as it is believed to be the place where Lord Vishnu bored a hole into the demon Jalodbhava, in the form of a boar called Varah in Sanskrit. Historically, the city is said to have been established in 2306 BCE, by King Bhimsina. The district is known for its panoramic bliss which mesmerizes the visitors coming here. The town is also famous for housing the Zeyarats of various Sufi saints, which include the Zeyarat of Dastigeer Sahib, Zeyaratof Baba Reshi, Zeyarat Janbaz Wali and Zeyarat Ahim Sharief, etc.

Prominent Tourist Destinations of Baramulla
Gulmarg: This stunning hill station is located amidst beautiful hills and meadows covered by forests and surrounded by snow peaked mountains. Gulmarg, which literally means “meadow of flowers”, was often frequented by kings and members of the royal family. It a famous destination for enjoying a wide variety of winter sports, which is why it is also known as, “the heartland of winter sports in India”.

Khilanmarg: The small valley of Khilanmarg is basically is the site known for the winter ski runs of Gulmarg. During the spring season, the valley is covered with beautiful flowers, which give it a fascinating look in the backdrop of the surrounding peaks. Visitors need to climb a distance of nearly 600m from Gulmarg to reach the highest peaks of Khilanmarg, which offer a great view of Himalayas, the Nanga Parbat and the twin peaks of Nun and Kun, standing 7,100 m tall.

Maharani Temple: This temple, which is located in the heart of Gulmarg, atop small knoll, was at one time used as their royal temple by the Dogra Kings. Although the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it features the idols of both Shiva and Parvati. The temple was constructed by the wife of Kashmir’s last king Maharaja Hari Singh’s wife, Mohini Bai Sisodhia and hence is also known by the name of Mohineshwar Shivalalaya or Rani Temple.  

Eco Park: Located in Khadniyar, the Eco Park is basically an island situated in the centre of River Jhelum and can be reached with the help of a wooden bridge. The park has been developed recently to promote tourism in the area and is a perfect combination of modern facilities and natural beauty. With the great view of mountains in the background and the River Jehlum flowing around it, the Park features lush green gardens that are well-maintained along with  some exquisitely designed wooden huts. 

Sugandhesa Temple: Located in the village of Pattan is the Sugandhesa temple, which is one of the three ancient temples present in the area.  The temple is named after King Sankaravarman’s wife Sugandha and is constructed on a double base. The temple also features a pillar in front besides which there are inscriptions and images portrayed in the recesses. Two chambers divided by a wall and having a doorway in the middle are located near the entry to the courtyard. The temple also houses various architectural fragments. Although the temple was never completed, its ruins provide enough information about the architectural skills prevalent during the medieval era.

Manasbal Lake: This Lake is located in close vicinity to the famous Wular Lake, the largest fresh water lake in India, and is 5km long and 1.20 km wide. This small lake is renowned for its sparkling water and the abundance of lotus flowers. The lake is also popular for its produce of lotus stem or nadroo, a local delicacy as well as water nuts.

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