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Baripada, the gateway to the Tiger Reserve of Similipal 
An Overview of Baripada
Baripada is situated in the district of Mayurbhanj in Orissa state of India. It has the headquarters of the district. It is place where u can stay. You can go from here to Similipal which is significant wildlife parks. The park contains forest lands, lush valleys and old temples. Rathyatra is really the popular and major attraction of this place. It is also the place of Mayurbhaunj Chhau dance.

History of Baripada
Mayurbhanj was really a significant kingdom of the state Orissa after independence. The kingdom is merged with Orissa and got recognition as a district on 1stJanuary, 1949. It is considered as the largest one in Orissa and this area of Baripada fell under the headquarters for the Bhanja dynasty. HH Maharaja Krushna Chandra Bhanjdeo began the communication of train first in Orissa. Due to Rathyatra, Baripada is also known as the second Puri. There is a tradition that the women pull the Maa Subhadra’s chariot began in Baripada. It is really famous for handloom products.

Tourist Spots in Baripada
In the year 1400AD, King Harihar Bhanj discovered the Haripur, which was the capital of the state of Mayurbhanj that is 16km from the place named Baripada. The major attraction of Baripada is Rasikaraya that is a temple of bricks. The temple’s northern side has the remnants of Ranihansapura queen. There are two temples namely Jagannath and Radhamohan. Radhamohan temple was constructed in the style of architecture named Goudiya

Jashipur: It is the gateway to the Tiger Reserve of Similipal. Tourists can go and see Similipal forest and buses are available. Tourists can reside in the guesthouses, private houses and rest houses. Another great attraction of the tourist in Jashipur is the Rearing Centre of the Crocodile which is situated at Ramatirtha.

Kniching: Kniching is situated at a distance of 149km from Baripada. This place comprises of the temple of Kichakeswari who was the Goddess of household of the rulers of Mayurbhanj. The temple has its uniqueness and it is made of slabs of chlorite. There lie several temples which are devoted to the skill of Kalinga and those deities are worshipped still now. There lies another temple of the Goddess Chamunda. This temple walls have the inscription in Oriya language. There is ruin of an old fort in the western part of this temple.

Jwalamukhi Temple: This temple is believed to be the one of 51 peeths of Shakti of the Shakti Goddess which is dedicated to “Goddess of Light”. The temple comprises of blue burning flame which comes out of the chamber of rock which is always prayed as a deity. The traveler’s best time is from the months April to October.

Maa Ambika Temple in Deokund: Travelers can go to the picnic for the spot of Deokund that is 55km away from Baripada. The place is located 33km from Udala and falls under the forest range of Similipal. The Goddess Ambika temple is located at the top of the hill. There lies a reservoir which is named as Kunda. This is a very good place to go the picnic of the tourists.

Shimilipal National Park: This national park comprises of two waterfalls namely Joranda and Barehipani. It has Indian Bisons, wild elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, Chausingas, orchidarium. The park is situated in the plateau which has low peaks around the park.


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