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Berhampur, the beautiful beach city of Odissa
An introduction of the city of Berhampur
Berhampur is the third largest city of Odissa. This city is located on the coastline of this eastern state of India. Apart from having a rich historical background, this city is now noted as a major commercial town of Orissa. For many travelers and local people this city known as ‘The Silk City’ of India.

Places of interest in Berhampur

    • Grameswara Temple-This is one of the distinguished pious sites located near this city. Apart from being an important religious site, this shrine is known as one of the beautiful example of ancient architecture.
    • Gopalpur Beach- Among other beaches of Odissa, this beach of Odissa is one of the mostly visited beaches. This beach is located 16km away from the Berhampur city. The clean surroundings of this beach still possess a lighthouse to watch over the ships at night. The presence of coconut trees and casuarinas adds an extra point to this beach. When you travel this beach, you will be amazed to view the deep blue combination of the blue water of Bay of Bengal and sand dunes.
    • Maa Bhairavi temple-This shrine is located on the peaceful surroundings of the Mantridi. After entering this temple, you will find the one legged four-armed idol of the Bhairavi Devi, which is believed to be carved by following the impression of rudimentary manner. According to various evidences, it is said that this temple was discovered during the ploughing task of its surrounding lands. As per ancient tales, it is believed that prior going for any voyage, fishermen and sailors used to seek blessings from this goddess.
    • Taratarini Temple-This temple is positioned on the southern tip of Odissa. This famous shrine is dedicated to worship Goddess Tara and Tarini. To get to this Rushikulya river surrounded temple, travelers need to cross 999 steps.
    • Aryapalli Beach- This beautiful beach is located 30 km away from the Berhampur city. This calm beach is famous for various water sports activities like swimming, surfing. This Casuarinas surrounded beach is eminent for offering an astounding sight of sunset and sunrise.
    • Ujjaleswar-This temple is located 45km away from this city. This cave temple is located on a hilltop of this city. The construction of this temple out of a cave makes it a beautiful site of ancient architecture. Behind this temple, travelers will find a giant stone to shade the deity.
    • Jaugarh – This site is located on the bank of Rusikulya River. While traveling this site, you will find the historical rock edicts of Emperor Asoka. This edict is recorded as one of the most important evidence for framing the valuable incidents of Asoka’s time, among these incidents; you will find the edict of kalinga. Near to thi9s rock edict, you will discover Jogamanda Sati rock pillars and a reputed fort. In this site you will come across the Malikesvara Shiv temple. This temple if famous for the images of Deities, dancing Shiva and other religious images.
    • Pati Sonarpur Beach-This beautiful beach is located 35km away from pati Sonarpur beach. In this beautiful shoreline, you will find the remnants of the ancient custom houses and columns. Based on various records, it is said that this site used to be an essential shipping centre in ancient period.

Shopping in Berhampur

Handwoven Cotton and Silk - This city is known for weaving beautiful Khadi and silk dress materials. If you wish to buy anything from here, you can pick any one of them.


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