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Bhagsunath an extension of Dharamshala in the State of Himachal Pradesh
An overview on Bhagsunath:
Bhagsunath is an easy walk from the Mcleodganj region of Dharamshala. The place lies in a hill top and is at a distance of 11 km from the Dharamshala market. Bhagsunath has a small shrine at the hill top; adjacent to the temple is a waterfall which is a major tourist attraction in the region. The outskirts of Bhagsunath is full of foreign localities ad the place do not seem like in India, however the region of Bhagsunath is having an Indian tinge with temples and Indians in the region. The temple compound is a complete awe to visit. The temple is situated over a large piece of land surrounding the hills. The adjacent to the temple is the waterfalls; the visitors who do not intend to visit the temple will definitely be visiting the waterfalls. Many people are found bathing in the water shrine either as amusement or as a dip on a holy water.

The prominent places to visit from Bhagsunath:
The Tibetan monastery: The Tibetan monastery in the region can be a great spark for the visitors. The visitors would be able o know a lot of things regarding the Tibetan culture, their fight for independence and many more. The Tibetan monastery is itself a great work of an art, there are many intricate designs in the monastery which had always made the visitors spell bound. The tourists visiting Bhagsunath will definitely get a different essence of culture, completely devoid of the Indian culture.

The Cantonments: The tourist visiting the Bhagsunath region can definitely go on a walk around the cantonments. They will however not be allowed to enter, but if they stroll about they would be able to gather some knowledge on how the Indian army protect its nation.

Dal Lake: The Lake is not the one in Kashmir, here in the outskirts of Bhagsunath there is another lake where the tourists could visit and have a lovely time. The lake is dedicated to sage Durvassa.

Kunal Pathri Temple: The temple is dedicated to goddess kalpeswari.  According to the local people and by believing on the mythological stories, the skull of goddess sati fell over the temple region, where the temple is constructed now, when lord Shiva was carrying her charred body. Hence the temple got the name of kalpeswari.

Things to buy in Bhagsunath
Tibetan dress: The region being adjacent to Dharamshala, the tourists can easily buy Tibetan clothes made out of Tibetan tailors. The region is very famous for the Tibetan dress materials for both men and women. The tourists who keep interest in the foreign traditional clothes can definitely bargain with the shops selling Tibetan clothes. However the dresses can’t be used nowhere other than the hills as they are made of sweating materials.

Cakes: The buying of the Tibetan cakes is also a treat in the region. There are many Tibetan bakeries which sells Tibetan cakes and sweet meats. There are many cake lovers who can make their way to the bakeries and have an extremely delicious time.

Handicrafts: Bhagsunath being nearby to Dharamshala the tourists can buy some great Tibetan crafts. The region is having Tibetan handicraft all over sold by the fellow Tibetans.


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