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Bhairava Kavach

Shvetarak Ganpati

Bhairava Kavach is the Kavach blessed by Lord Bhairav. One side of the Kavach has an image of God Bhairav and other side has an image of Bhairav Yantra in it. This divine Talisman is often called as Bhairav Kavach, Bhairav Amulet or Kala Bhairava Kavacham. It improves poor conditions of life.

Bhairav Kavach Tabiz is made by Special combination of pure Rudraksha and Yantra on Pendant. By worshipping this Yantra, effects of evil spirit, evil eye and magic is removed. It radiates positive energy all around and eradicates all negative energies. Bhairav Kavach is made by special blend of Yantra and Natural Rudraksha on Pendant. By worshipping this Kavach, effects of evil eye, evil spirit and magic is removed.

Bhairav Kavach or Bhairava Talisman works as a protective shield, offering an invincible protection from black magic, accidents, misfortunate events, overcome difficulties due to evil spirits/ risks, black magic, influence of Saturn planet e.g. Sade-Sati as well as Rahu & Ketu etc. This is a great Kavach for attaining success from all directions (achievement in all ten directions). Lord Bhairav is granter of Protection, Siddhis, Luck and Prosperity.

Benefits of Bhairava Kavach are:

  • Bhairava Kavach attracts positive energy.
  • It is useful for winning over enemies
  • Bhairav Kavach or Talisman offers good health and wealth.
  • It also brings prosperity and harmony.
  • Bhairav Kavach or Amulet keeps away black magic and evil eye.
  • Bhairav Kavach Tabij also helps to resist pleasant energy i.e. to overcome any problem in the pathway of the activated spiritual energy system.
  • Bhairava Kavach also safeguards its wearers against black magic done by enemies.
  • Bhairav Kavach or Bhairava Locket removes adverse situations and misfortunes. offers you well energized and charged Bhairav Kavach to the Patrons. Come to us to know more about Bhairava Kavach Pendant and its benefits.

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