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Bhatinda, the beautiful historical city of India
Synopsis of the city of Bhatinda
Bhatinda is located on the Bhatinda district of Indian state Punjab. This city is recorded as the oldest city of Punjab. According to different records, it is believed that this city has coined its name from the Bhatt Rajput rulers. This city is one of the famous sites of Punjab that is known for housing different historical sites. This city is also known as the City of lakes. While you explore this city, you will come across a wide range of archaeological evidences that represent the different phases of Indian history. Starting from watching the archaeological evidences, here you can notice the pious shrines of Sikh, which will help you to feel the depth of the Sikh religion.

Interesting Sites of Bhatinda

    • Quila Mubarak- This Quila dates back to 1400 years. This castle used to be the residing place for Guru Govind Singh. Another important factor of this Quila is that in this place the first empress of India, Razia Sulatana was dethroned and prisoned by the then Royal members. According to multifarious researches   it is observed that the bricks that are used for constructing this fort are dated back to time of Kushana kingdom. Historians believe that this fort was jointly constructed by Kushan ruler Kanishka and Raja Deb.
    • Bahia Fort-This fort turned 4 star luxury hotel of Bhatinda was built in 1930. That time it used to be the residing place of the family members of the Patiala army. After 1980, this fort was renovated with the amazing touch of ancient as well as contemporary architecture. Today this place known as the swish hotel of Bhatinda.
    • Rose garden-Rose garden is one of the most popular family destination sites in this city. This garden covered a large area for planting rare collections of roses. If you visit this place in winter, you will able to find the multicolor roses inside this garden. You will also spot a thermal plant nearby this garden.
    • Lakhi Jungle-This pious site is located 15km away from Bhatinda city. According to Sikh people it is believed that here Shri Guru NanakJi narrated Shri Japuji Shahib’s100, 000 holy ways. This Gurudwara is blessed with the footsteps of 9th and 10th Sikh gurus.
    • Maiser KJhana-This 29 km away site of Bhatinda city is mainly known for having the Maiser Khana Mandir, which is dedicated to worship Goddess Durga and Goddess Jwala ji. This temple was built in 1951. If you come to this site on the eve of Ashtami, you will find a crowed of pilgrims to offer a puja to this Goddess.
    • Bir Talab Zoo- This zoo can be spotted at distance of 6km from the Town Bhatinda. Apart from keeping the wild life animals like Sambers, Cheetah, Black Bucks, this site is also known as a popular picnic spot and the various rides of the children park.
    • Chetak park- this is a beautiful garden located in the close vicinity of this city. In this park you will find a beautiful lake and wonderful garden. The collections of the rare types of plants are the main attraction of this site.

Shopping in Bhatinda
Religious souvenir- As Bhatinda is highly influenced by the Sikh religion and their rich culture, so while set out for shopping. You can but images of the Sikh Gurus and can go for buying their pious book Granthasaheb. This will help you to understand the base of this religion.


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