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Bhedaghat – A complete mystery itself is also the centre point of marbles
Bhedaghat -An overview of the region:
Bheda ghat an absolute awe inspiring place in the country, located in the centre point of the marble resource in India, The place is a mystery in itself. The bounteous waterfalls surrounding the area and such restless Narmada is no where found in the country. The Bheda Ghat is an adjoining place to Jabalpur, coming under the latter’s territory, and Bheda ghat has accumulated tons of tourists all over the globe and all returning with awe. The region has a boating service available for the tourist to amuse themselves and the boatmen are few exciting bunch of people in the region. The formation of the place is not known, however historians suggest that the place is there as long as river Narmada is there. The main city is 20 km away from Jabalpur, part of the nagar Panchayat.

The places to visit from Bhedaghat:
Dhuadhar falls: The falls is a km high from the region of the Bhedaghat. The falls showcase the actual power of a river and how restless it could be. The falls an absolute difference from the rest of the calm and peaceful Narmada, is a complete mystery to the geographers and tourist all over the globe. However mankind can’t be stopped, they had made a ropeway service for the tourists and the tourists can enjoy the view from a higher level. There are many instances where the tourists had been scared just by encountering such bounteous water fall and river. Many foreign tourist call the Dhuadhar falls ‘The Indian Niagara’. The falls is called Dhuadhar because the river produces such smoke not by anything other than just the force the water.

Marble Rock: The marble rock is a complete water labyrinth. The tourists get a boating facility in the region. They are guided by extremely well talented guides. The guides speak in melodious tones making their speeches a comedy and the entire tourist in the region enjoy that. They show the entire marble rock and make sure that the tourists return happy. They have framed stories out of themselves basing over some facts and propaganda. They narrate the stories in just awe and the tourists are forced to laugh, as the entire speech is a satire.

Chausanth yogini Temple: The temple is one of the oldest temples in the country. The tourists will definitely find that interesting as the temple is inscribed with tremendous work of an art. The temple is few hundred feets above the sea level. The huge compound of the temple offers the tourists to simply enjoy the old crafting that were made by the ancient Indians.

Things to buy in Bhedaghat
Marble Merchandise:
Any tourist returning from Marble rocks without marble merchandise is simply impossible. Locals cutting soft marbles from the region, curve them to various shapes and sizes. The marbles area also sent to the factories from where soft marbles are crafted to hard marbles and they are exported to the various parts of the country. These marbles actually hold a major part of the business administration in the Bhedaghat region. The marbles that are exported are a world class material and also the ones sent to the other parts of the region are also a treat to use.


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