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Bhimbekta making a collaboration of the past and the present
Bhimbekta - an over view on the place:
A charismatic history for over 30,000 years, the region is located in the Madhya Pradesh region of India. A distance of 56 km from Bhopal the region is stamped as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. A real retreat for picnickers’, the region is fully a hilly area where the tourists can have a splendid time by themselves. The area is controlled by the local authorities and it is funded by the central government along with the UN. However the tourist in the region at many occasions feel, that an excessive renovation work in the caves could hamper the natural beauty and the historical impact could be lost. The Bhimbekta is a place having tribal painting into the caves that had been drawn almost 30,000 years back. The place is adjoining to the great Indian forests of Kanha and Bandhavgarh; hence the place is also having adequate flora and fauna. The region comes directly under the Madhya Pradesh Tourism department and most of the common people are employed with them as guides, workers, and also into various tertiary occupations into the village. The mode of communication into the area could be tourist bus, private cars and most importantly special buses running between the major places to the forest.

The important places to visit into the region:
The caves: The caves in the region are the most important thing that the tourists go over there. The caves are as similar to the Southern Park of Australia where there are similar sorts of paintings in the region. The paintings depict many stories of the past and it’s not only a treat to history lovers but most of the people are attracted towards the caves. The intricate paintings that the caves contain are just a real treat to watch. The visitors planning to visit Madhya Pradesh do not generally miss the region. The place is however a heart throbs for the picnickers who come to the area just for having a good time with the friends and family. The rock paintings were drawn by the tribal’s unknowingly, but if analyzed they would be found to be chronologically drawn according the ages of stone, medieval and other ages.

The Vindhya’s: The caves are definitely a treat to the tourists. The mighty Vindhya range can’t be ignored   though. A long trip to the Vindhya’s will also be an exciting thing to do for the tourists. The ranges offer an excellent view of nature which the tourists enjoy while travelling across the Vindhya’s.

Things to buy in Bhimbekta :

The region being a forest area, there are many small cottage workers who sell local hand made goods which could be used as token gifts for all living in the city. The city dwellers in most cases look for such things in the region. The handmade items are very famous in the region. However there is other machine made items that the region offers but keeping in touch with nature. Any tree or anything related to nature if found to be destroyed, the locals use them creatively to make up some thing that could be used as a gift.


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