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Bhojpur in Uttar Pradesh setting up a complete different culture
Bhojpur an over view:
Bhojpur is a place in Bihar, in Sahahabad district; the citizens in the area are popularly called as Bhojpuri's. They are generally found in the Southern parts of Nepal bordering Bihar. Some of the descendants are also from the Rajputana region where they had settled into such places during wars. Bhojpuri language is a completely different format of Hindi that is spoken in the region. The language is called Bhojpuri language. The Bhojpuri community in India has a complete different setup from everything. They have their own festivals, clothes, food and most importantly a completely different film fraternity which is absolutely different from the rest o India. The films are generally watched by the Bhojpuri people only. These people having different celebrations celebrate chat as their main festival. There are other festivals also which these people as a part of their tradition celebrate. The traditional dress for e Bhojpuri men are a dhoti and a Kurta with a head gear a turban ‘pagri’ over their heads. The women use saree, Lehenga and Ghagra Choli as their traditional attire. Gilli Danda in the region is very famous amongst kids. They play the sports like in any other part of India and many of the kids play cricket. However kabaddi our national game is also very famous with Bhojpuri people.

Places to Visit in Bhojpur:
Palamu: There is a considerable amount of Bhojpuri people living in the Palamu region. However from Bhojpur to Palamu is not a very faraway place. Palamu is in the main region of Chota Nagpur plateau bordering Bihar. The region has an enormous natural beauty and tourists all over the globe had gathered to Palamu time and again to attain peace into their minds. Like Bhojpur the area is also a hill place, Government guest houses are available along with the home stay facilities. The government quarters are cheaper and thus the people enjoy staying there.

Baliya: The district of Baliya in Uttar Pradesh near Bhojpur is an exceptional place as here the Indian Police service trains horses and dogs for the police department and also for the army. Whereas the dogs are send to the dog’s squad. The artificial manufacturing of the animals can duly get a visit from the tourist visiting Baliya. Baliya is at a stone throwing distance from Bhojpur and has an adequate Bhojpuri speaking community in the region.

Tanakpur: In the region Tanakpur is a river side that the tourist can select as a place to rest for a day or two. The region is situated over a hill top located in the banks of Sarda River. The region is having many attractions which include the Panchamukhi Mahadevi temple, shardha ghat, and many more. The region is situated at a distance of 17.6 km from the Kathgodam railway station.

Philibhit: Philibhit a gateway to Nepal, the area Bhojpur acts as a gate way to another gateway. The region of Bhojpur is always a gate way of Philibhit which is bordering Nepal. Many people aiming to see Nepal border as a tourist destination can go through the Bhojpuri region.


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