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Bhuntar, the valley of Gods
An Overview of Bhuntar
Bhuntar is situated in the district of Kullu and in the Himachal Pradesh state. Bhuntar airport connects the two towns of Kullu and Manali. It is the main place and there lay several sites to visit Bhuntar. The town is full of greenery.

History of Bhuntar
Bhuntar is called as “Valley of Gods”. It is an old territory of the Northern India. According to the legend, the discoverer of the civilization, Manu had come there and had done up the guidelines for the Gods of Hindus. Hiuen Tsang was a Chinese pilgrim and mentioned about Bhuntar. If you go back to the history of Kullu then it was discovered by Tripura’s Behangamani Pal. According to the legend, the chiefs harassed the territory’s residents and they wanted to take revenge on them. The king Behangamani Pal revolted from the place Jagatsukh. He won the fight. The Pal dynasty was there for about ten generations. So it helped to pave the way of Pal dynasty in this place. Then Raja Singh ruled over the area from 1637-1672. He took the God’s idol in the throne and ruled over the place. The kings were known as Raghunathji from then. In 17th century Bhuntar was captured by Sidh Singh. The rulers of Sikh dynasty were there up to 18th century. British ruled over this place from 1846. The rulers of this place are Pal dynasty, Thakurs, Ranas, Sidh Singh, Sikh, British.

Tourist Spots in Bhuntar
There are many tourist spots in Bhuntar. The major among them are as follows.
Jagannath Temple: Jagannath temple is located in the elevation of about 5000ft above the sea level in a hill. The deity of this temple is known as Maa Bhubaneshwari. You can go there by trekking and can get an awesome view of entire Kullu town from this hill.

Great Himalayan National Park: The National Park is situated in the town of Kullu. The park is called as Jawaharlal Nehru National Park and it is spread in a great area. It is there in the upper area of Sainj, Tirthan and Jiwa rivers in the division of Seraj. The park has alpine meadows, different flowers, peaks and glaciers, coniferous forests. There come various animals like black bears, Langurs, wild sheep, brown bears, musk deers, rhesus macaques etc. Tourists can also watch different birds like khaleej, monal and tragopan.

Bahaswar Mahadev Temple: It is good attraction which is situated in the Bajaura area in the place of Bhuntar. This temple is devoted to the Lord Shiva. This temple is located near the Beas River and it was built in 9th century. The architecture reflects the carvings of stone of that period. The temple is pyramid shaped. The idol of Yogi-Lingam represents the Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. There are the idols of Vishnu, Ganesh and Durga in the exterior part of this temple.

Adi Brahma Temple: This temple is located in the Khokhan village at about 4km distance from the place named Bhuntar. It is a great wooden temple where you have Brahmaji’s idol is placed. Tourists can spot the astadhatu and two brass mohras and eleven silver mohras are there in this temple.


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