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Bijapur, the monument city of India
An overview of the city of Bijapur
Bijapur is a historical city, which is located in Karnataka state. This city is located on the north western tip of Karnataka state. This town is famous for its monuments that were built during the ruling period of Adil Shahi. According to historians, this city was founded between 10th to 11thcenturies by Chalukya rulers. Later the Sultans of Delhi occupied this city. Apart from its breathtaking monuments, this city also recorded for its Music festivals.  This city is considered as the seat of art and music in ancient period. So, while you plan to explore the monuments of this city, you will get the chance to discover the impression of aristocratic Indian architecture of ancient times.

Attraction and Tourism in Bijapur

    • Gol Gombuj- This is known as the famous monument of Bijapur, which was recorded as the tomb of Mohammad Adil Shah. According to archaeological experts, this is the second largest dome in the world. The sanctum of this monument is the main attraction of this traveling destination. Here you will hear that a sound to be echoed seven times.
    • Jama Masjid- This mosque was built by Ali Adil Shah. According to record, this mosque is covering 10,810 sq m of land. This temple was built to celebrate the victory of Adil Shahi kingdom in the Battle of Tallikota. The large courtyard and beautifully constructed arches are the pivotal attraction of this mosque. The onion shaped dome, brilliantly constructed pillars and the interior carvings, make this mosque as a wonder of architecture.
    • The Archeological Museum- This informative museum is located near the Gol Gombuj.  This Archeological Survey of India controlled museum is known for having the collections of ancient inscriptions, paintings, manuscripts, sculptures, weapons. By traveling inside this museum you will get a view of the bygone era of this city through its prestigious collections.
    • Asar Mahal-This historical monument was constructed by Mohammad Adil Shah in 1646. According to historical records, this monuments, used to be the Hall of Justice. By traveling in this ancient administrative building, you will find the incredible fresco works on the upper storey.
    • Ibrahim Rouza mausoleum-This is beautiful building was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah II. This mausoleum was constructed in 1626. This site houses the tombs of the family members of Adil Shah.
    • Tasabavadi- This is a large well, located near the Rama temple. According to mythological believes, it is said that it is an impossible task to empty this well.
    • The Citadel-This renowned monument was built by Yusuf Adil Shah. The amazing surroundings of this monument are the main attraction for the travelers. Apart from the surroundings, you can explore the nearby structures of palaces, halls, gardens.
    • Malik I maidan-This gun is called as the great gun of Bijapur. According to historians, this gun has helped to win the Adil Shah dynasty over the Vijaynagar Dynasty in the Battle of Talikot.
    • Gagan Mahal-This palace was built by Ali Adil Shah I in 1561.In ancient period, this site used as a palace cum audience hall. The ruined arches of this palace are recorded as the tallest arches among the other monuments of Bijapur.

Things to Buy in Bijapur
Sculpture work- while travel this monument city of Karnataka, you can buy some beautiful art crafts and sculpture works from the local shops.


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