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Buxar, the mythological Town
Overview of Buxar
Buxar is a peaceful city in Eastern India in the state of0 Bihar. It derives its name from Vyaghrasar. Rishi Vedshira’s face turned into tiger face due to outcome of the curse of the sage of Rishi Durvasa. This leads to the place where Rishi Vedshira lived into the name of Vyaghrasar and later on a distorted name Buxar. Buxar is located on the banks of river Ganges. It is also the site of the battle of Buxar, which enabled British Raj to conquer whole of India within the next century. Buxar is also one of the main trade districts. Trade items include cereals, fruits, vegetables, engineering equipments and medicine.

History of Buxar
In Hindu mythology the ancient town of Buxar was referred to as Siddhashram, Vedgarbhpuri or Vyaghrasar. Buxar also finds place in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The vishwamitra ashram was located here in Buxar. It is also the place where lord Ram killed the demon Tadka. The place of Tadka Vadh is presently located in Noulakh Mandir. Buxar has one of the most riches histories.  It is famous since the epic times as the seats of eminent saints, battlefield of Gods and demons as per Puranas and the battlefield of foreign invasions and countrymen. It is said that lord Rama and Lord Laxman took their teachings here at Buxar. With the archeological surveys going on in Buxar, ruins have been discovered that have been linked with Indus Valley civilization. 
Buxar is also very famous for the battle of Buxar that was fought between Nawab Mir Kasim and the British Raj in 1764. The British army defeated Mir Kasim and it gave them the edge. British with coming century slowly conquered whole of India. Buxar was the start of their conquest. 

Places to Visit in Buxar

Vishwamitra Ashram: It is said that Guru Vishwamitra the family guru of Lord Rama had his ashram along with eighty thousand saints on the banks of Ganges River. It is the site to visit as it is the one of the holiest places in Hindu religion.

Tadika Mandir: Lord Rama while taking his teachings here in Buxar in the ashram of Guru Vishwamitra killed the demon Tadika. This site is located in Tadika Mandir and is very famous site to be visited.

Ruins of Indus Valley Civilization: The archaeological diggings around the Buxar have resulted in the excavation of ruins dating back to Indus Valley Civilization. This links Buxar to Harappa and Mohen Jo Daro. It is a very interesting site to see for any history buff.

Brahmpur Temple: Brahmpur is a place located nearby buxar which has beautiful Shiv Temple. This temple is known as Baba Brahmeswernath Temple. People from all over the world come to this place since it is one of the most revered places of Lord Shiva.

Cattle Fair: People from all over India come over to attend the cattle fair organized here in buxar. It is the 3rd largest cattle fair in the world.

Things to Buy in Buxar
Soap Industry: Buxar is famous for its soap industry. If you are in Buxar, the variety of soaps available here are unlimited.  Not only buxar soap is used in India it is also exported to other countries.

Timber and Furniture Work:  The timber and furniture works of this place is very famous. The wooden furniture is sourced by many large branded companies from buxar. The quality of buxar wooden furniture and timber work is legendary.

Leather Industry: Though not concentrated, but still buxar boasts of individual leather workers spread all over the area. The leather work of Buxar is fine and intricate.


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