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Carp Fish Crossing Dragon Gate

Carp Fish Crossing Dragon Gate

Carp Fish Crossing Dragon Gate is a feng shui symbol which depicts strength and determination. This is one of best gift with deep symbolic meaning. This can be given to parents who are planning for a positive implantation of a yang sperm for meeting the auspicious and best yin egg. It is believed that Carp play the role for stimulating the ability of overcoming insurmountable challenges. Caro can reach high heights of power and wealth. The carp acts as a good fortune symbol having the body of carp with head of dragon.
This Chinese Feng shui Carp is popular because of legendary valor and its ability of swimming against water current for reaching Dragon Gate and then transforming into a dragon. This Carp Fish Feng shui Figurine is one of the Feng Shui best buy for gifting purpose.

This Double Carps Crossing Dragon Gate presence is valuable for students as well as intellectuals who are looking for success in their respective fields.

Placement of Carp Fish Crossing Dragon Gate:

  • Position the Double Carp anywhere in the home for enjoying great fortune.
  • Place it near to any water body like aquarium, waterfall, pond etc. This will enhance the power of goodness in it.
  • For welcoming money and wealth luck Place it in some prominent place in the entrance hall or living room
  • Placement in “Nien Yien” direction encourages energy for long lasting harmony and happiness in union
  • For success in career place it in North corner of working desk.
  • For educational luck place Chinese Feng shui Carp in North East corner of study desk this will help to attract energy which will help to face challenges.
  • Place this Carp fish pair in bedroom in West corner or in West of home. These corners are called child area of home.
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