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Champhai, the border city of India and Myanmar
An overview of the city of Champhai
Champhai is a beautiful city located in far eastern state of India, Mizoram. This beautiful city is positioned on the edge of Indo-Myanmar borderline. Being located between two different countries, this city is known for its political importance. According to various records, this city used to be the fort area of the British rulers, in 1871-1872.Apart from being a politically important location, this city is known for its contribution between India and Myanmar.

Destinations to explore in Champhai

    • Murlen national Park-This subtropical evergreen forest is located 245 km away from the Aizol. This forest covers an area of 100sq m. In this forest, you will find some rare species of animals like hillock, gibbon, Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard, Tiger and other animals.
    • Kawlkulh-This place is located on the eastern border of this city. This place is mainly known for the Piggery profession. This village area is still lacked the electricity, water and roads.
    • Rih Dil-This heart shaped lake is located 22km away from the Myanmar. This lake is considered as the passageway to the eternal address. This lake is around a kilometer long and 70mtr wide. To visit this lake a travelers needs to collect the permission from Deputy Commissioner’s office.
    • Lengtang Wildlife Sanctuary-This wildlife sanctuary is located near the Murlen National park. In this wildlife sanctuary, you will find the common species of animals like leopard, wild boars, goral, barking deer and tiger. This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 110 km.
    • Palak wildlife Sanctuary-This wildlife sanctuary is spread across 15.50 sq mt. In this sanctuary, you will find the collections of moist deciduous forest and tropical evergreen forests. Here you will also find the rare species like barking deer, elephant, leopard, and sambar. Here you can view the large variety of the birds. The presence of Palak Lake makes this as an eco tourism region.
    • Lamsial puk- according to local tales, this city was witnessed a huge battle between two nearby villages. After that battle a heap of skeletons of the dead fighters were found on the entrance of the cave.
    • Lenteng Hills-This hill is located 2300m above the sea level. This hill is noted for its colorful plants and wildlife creatures. Among these creatures you will amazed by seeing the wide collections of rare species of birds, reptiles. The collection of orchid is a major attraction of this site. Apart from the nature lovers, this site is a popular location to trekkers.
    • Fiara Tui-This is a well-known River, which is located 65 km away from the city. Tan Tlang Mountain is considered as the source of this River. The water of this body of water is considered as sweeter than other River waters.
    • Mura Puk-This site is located 10km away from the Champhai city. This Zote village located site, you will find six caves, which used to play the role of a hiding place for the villagers from the fierce man eater eagle Mura in ancient times.
    • Sikpui Lung-This is a stone stand, which was constructed by Huangpu.
    • Hnahlan-This is a garden, which is known for cultivating grape. These vineyards and a charming climate is the major attraction of this site.

Shopping in Champhai
Tribal art- As a larger part of this city is covered by the tribal people; you can buy some precious tribal arts.

Wine- Near this city, you will find some beautiful vineyards. From these yards, you can buy delicious wines.

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