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Chandannagar, the charming city of West Bengal
About the city of Chandannagar
Chandannagar is small and reputed city in West Bengal. From historical periods, This Ganga River bank located city is recorded for its valuable contribution to the cultural and political scenario of West Bengal. This beautiful well-decorated city has coined its name from the term Chandernager. The reason behind the name is that the riverside area of this city shaped like chand (half moon). Another reason behind this name is the presence of the temple of Goddess Chandi, for which this city has gained its name as Chandannagar. If you look back into the historical background of this city, then find that this city used to be the colony of the French rulers in 1673. That time this place used to be the centre for trading through Hughli River.
Nowadays, apart from offering the latest facilities of a city, here you will find a beautiful and peaceful blending of pollution free rural culture. Wonderful maintenance of the city arrangements of all latest communication and transportation system by Corporation, transform this township as one of gem town in west Bengal. Another historical importance of this city is that, reputed freedom fighters spend some of their valuable days, in this city.

Places to see in Chandannagar

    • Chandannagar Strand- This beautiful riverside area is located on the eastern part of this city by covering a length of 2,500m of area. . In this peaceful place, you will get a widespread view of the River Ganges. The wonderful decoration of this pavement area with colorful lights and lush green trees make this one of the foremost attraction of this city. This site is also noted for having the important historical monuments and reputed schools and colleges of this city. On the strand you will find a meditation centre, named Vivekananda Mandir.
    • Chandannagar Museum and Institute-This museum is considered as one of the ancient museum in this eastern region. In this museum, you will find the precious collections of French antiques, cannons, wooden furniture, sitting arrangements. Most of these 18th century collections are rare, in entire country. Apart from housing valuable antiques, this museum is noted for teaching French language learning courses on daily basis.
    • The Sacred Heart Church-This church of Chandannagar attracts tourists for its unique architecture. This church is located near the Chandannagar strand, facing the Ganges River. In this historical church, you will find the remains of the Church of St Louis.
    • Underground house- This ancient underground House is located at the end of Chandannagar Strand. This historical underground house is also popular as Patal Bari, to local people. Another importance of this house is that it is the spring of different novels. Being located on the beautiful surroundings of River Ganga, Noble laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore stayed here for a while.
    • Nitya Gopal  Smriti Mandir-This library was constructed by Harihar Sett.. This building is known as a centre of art and culture. Apart from having a large collection of Bengali, French and English books, this library is also a notable place for arranging theatres.

Shopping in Chandannagar
Miscellaneous buy-From the historical era, Chandannagar used to be popular for its brilliant collections of clothes. Nowadays, you will get a wide range of air Conditioned shopping centres, in this city. Along with this, you can also visit the nearby Laxmi Ganj Bazaar for buying any product. It is the largest souk in Chandannagar.


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