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Cheerapunji, the abode of cloud
Synopsis of the city of Cheerapunji
Cheerapunji is known as the abode of clouds, which falls under the directorial control of North East Indian state Meghalaya. This East Khasi Hills district located town is one of the traditional cities which are also known by the names like Sohra or Churra. According to geographical records, this city is the second wettest region in the world. Being the second highest location by in term of the rainfall, this city is surrounded by a lush green background. The peaceful surroundings along with the misty mountains make this site into a picaresque traveling destination for the nature lovers.

Interesting Sites of Cheerapunji

    • Double Decker Living Root bridge- This Bridge is located in the Tyrna village. This bridge is created by using the rubber tree. This viaduct is one of the major attractions of the Cheerapunji city. According experts, this overpass is considered as a unique example of the bio engineering. This two-tier bridge is 100ft long. It has the capacity to carry 50 people at a time. According to experts, this bridge is 500-600 years old.
    • Nokrek National Park-This is the most attractive national park of Meghalaya. This beautiful park is located 45 km away from the Tura hill city. This national park is noted for its hefty compilation of flora and fauna. Among these flora and fauna collections, you get elephants, horn bill, orchids, Pheasant, Hollock, Python, Leopard cat in this park.
    • Eco park- This eco park is located on the Meghalaya plateau. In this beautiful eco park, tourist can come across beautiful collection of orchids inside the green house. From this eco park you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Shyllong plateau.
    • Krem Mawmluh Cave-This cave is situated half a km away from this city. This fourth longest cave in India with 4,503m of height. The entrance point of this cave is located 10ft above sea level. Inside this cave you will find a beautiful pool which is created by five different rivers.
    • Mawsmai falls-This is the fourth premier falls in India. This falls is located few km away from the city. This falls is known for its astounding surroundings.
    • Khasi Monolith-This monolith is situated near the Khasi Mawsmai falls. Here you will find these ancient monoliths near the cave.
    • Dainthlen Falls-This falls is located 5km away from Cheerapunji. This is recorded as one of the most beautiful cascade near this city. Near this waterfalls, travelers will notice a beautiful rock cut image of a snake, which symbolizes the evils, corruption, greed,
    • Krem Phyllut-This 1,003 m long cave is situated on the southern part of Cheerapunji city. This village is known as one of the foremost attraction near by the Mawsmai village. This cave has three entrances. After going near this cave cave, you will notice, two different river gateways from this cave.
    • Ka Khoh ramhah-This spot is considered as an interesting tourist spot near this city. It can be described as a gleaming example of geological configuration. If one visits this site in Monsoon, then discover to pass water from this rock.

Shopping in Cheerapunji
Orange- Cheerapunji is a popular place recognized for oranges. If you are looking for something for your shopping, then pay for these delicious oranges from its nearby shops.


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