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A Destination for the Restless and the Lazy too! Chikmagalur Tourism
Knowing the place Chikmagalur
Located in the district with the same initials, Chikmagalur is town in the state of Karnataka.  This rural town set in the rain made sunrise of the hilly Malnad region, is well known for its enormous number of tourist spots. Though the town of Chikmagalur can be described as an old- fashioned town it is an abode for relaxation and luxury in the rustic regions that range from hilly regions of Malnad to flatlands. This district is known as the coffee capital of Karnataka due to the numerous coffee estates and also the fact that one of the first coffee plantations was grown here.

History behind the origin of Chikmagalur
The meaning of Chikmagalur is literally, ‘The Land of the Younger Daughter’. This land is rumored to have been offered as a dowry to the younger daughter of a fabled chieftain. There also existed a place called Hiremagalur, meaning ‘Land of the Elder Daughter’, which is now a part of the Chikmagalur district.
The town is a house of the renowned Mahatma Gandhi Park, a leading tourist destination. The main tourist seasons are Dussehra, as visitors are excited to witness the traditional unique folk performances that draw heavily on the diversity of this multi-cultural town. Shopaholics with a rural taste can explore the local market on MG Road and travel junkies can indulge in the variety of tourist’s spots surrounding the history of the town.

Escape the Concrete Jungles
A paradise for nature loving tourists, Chikmagalur has many pilgrimage spots, wild life tourism destinations, and coffee plantation vacation and adventure sports. Chikmagalur also has temple towns, hills stations, wild life sanctuaries and water falls.

Hill station
Kemmangundi: Kemmangundi is a popular tourist destination in Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, this entrancing hill station has an attractive Rose Garden and beautiful water falls.

Kudremukh: Another hill range worth visiting in Chikmagalur is, Kudremukh. Kudremukh has dense forests and lush grasslands. When seen from a particular angle the hill looks like a horse’s face, hence the name ‘Kudre Mukh’ which means a horses face.

Mullayanagri: The tallest peak in Karnataka, named Mullayanagri is located here. The peak is a part of the baba Budan Giri Hills. At the height of 1930 meters, this hill station is ideal for trekking. If not trekking then even the view from top of the hill is breathtaking.
This region of the hills has many famous water falls that you can visit like Kalthagiri Falls, Manikyadhara Falls, Shanthi Falls, Hebbe Falls and Kadambi Falls.

Escape into the Spiritual and the Wild
For those who are spiritually inclined, there are many temple towns around Chikmagalur like Sringeri, Kalasa and Horanandu.
Located at a distance of 38 kilometers from Chikmagalur town is the Bhadra Sancturay. The sanctuary is a favored destination for all who visit Chikmagalur and a trip to the park is a plunge into the best wild life experience for the ones brave at heart.
The town of Chikmagalur and the surrounding district is diverse and always offers visitors with something, regardless their tastes. The town of Chikmagalur is a perfect tourist spot for a rejuvenating, relaxing and lazy vacation.

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