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Chittorgarh, the city of Rajputs
Background of the city of Chittorgarh
Chittorgarh is a historical city is located in Rajasthan. According to historical evidences this city was built during 7th century AD by the Mauryan rulers on the river banks of the Berach River. This city is considered as one of the most beautiful city of Rajasthan. By travelling in this city, you will come across the eminent tales of the Rajput Kings and their Romance. This land is an abode of the interesting legends of the Rajput kings.

Attractions of the city of Chittorgarh

    • Chittorgarh Fort-This is the largest fort in India. This is considered among the best forts of Rajasthan. According to various architectural evidences, it is said that this castle was built during 7th century A.D. This 180mt tall fort is replete with the aristocratic evidences of Rajput architecture.
    • Nagari-This beautiful village is located 18km north from the Chittorgarh town. In ancient period, this town used to be an eminent place during the ruling period of Mauryan and Gupta rulers. While travel around this village, you will find a beautiful stupa, which is embellished with terracotta tiles.
    • Fateh Prakash Palace-This beautiful palace was constructed during the ruling period of Maharana Fateh Singh. Inside this beautiful palace, you will notice a colossal idol of Lord Ganesha. Apart from this idol, you can find some good fresco works and a large fountain inside this palace. By traveling inside this palace, you will come to experience the fondness of Maharana, towards the art and culture. Nowadays, this beautiful pillars and corridor oriented palace serves the purpose of a museum for displaying its wide collections on paintings and numerous sculpture works.
    • Archaeological Museum- This museum is one of the reputed museums in Rajasthan. This museum is famous for its well-heeled collections in ancient artifacts, paintings, fresco works, sculptures of the Rajput period. By seeing these archaeological artifacts, you see an impression of the Hinduism and Buddhism art works.
    • Sitamata wildlife Sanctuary- This wildlife sanctuary covers a large area of the Malwa Plateau and Aravalli mountain range. Beside this beautiful wild life sanctuary, you will come across two rivers Jakham and Karmoi. Inside this wildlife sanctuary, you will notice the rare collection of trees like teak, bamboo, amla, tendu, salar.
    • Rana Kunbha palace-This 15th century built Rajput architecture based monument is considered as one of the prevalent monument in Chittorgarh. The underground cellars of this fortress are renowned for witnessing the life sacrificing Johar sacrament of Royal lady like Rani Padmini. Inside this historical temple, you will come across a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva and royal stables for horses and elephants.
    • Vijay stambhas- Bijay Stambha or victory tower is located on the Chittorgarh. According to historical evidences, it can be confirmed thatruler Rana Kumbha constructed this tower to commemorate his triumph over the Muslim Rulers. While viewing this Rajput architecture based victory tower, you will find the images of God, Goddess, Musical instruments, weapons to be carved on it.
    • Kali Mata Temple-This beautiful Kalika Mata temple-This is the oldest temple in Chittorgarh, which is dated back to 8th century. This beautiful Rajput architecture based temple is dedicated to praise Goddess Kali, who is known as the power and courage blessing Goddess to the Hindus.

Shopping in Chittorgarh

Local artworks- This city is famous for selling amazing collections of metalwork fabrics, Thewa jewellery, leather shoes and handmade toys. You can select any of your favorite items for buying them as a valuable souvenir.


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