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Dadra , the beautiful union territory of India
An overview of the city of Dadra
Though a larger part of India has witnessed the long term ruling period of the British people, but there are few places in India are available , which are highly enriched with the influence of the Portuguese rulers. Today when you roam inside those locations, will come across the architectural and cultural blending of the Portuguese era. Among these cities, one of such name is Dadra. Today this city jointly pronounced with the name Nagar havelli. According to historical data, this place was under the administrative control of the Portuguese rulers from 1783 to 1954. After the independence of India in 1947, the residents of this city voluntarily joined together with the administrative enclave of Goa. After doing various liberation steps, finally this city becomes free from the control of Portugal, after signing a treaty between India and Portugal mentioning the legal and administrative sovereignty of India over this west Coast Gujarat nearby city of India.
Today a lieutenant governor of India controls the political and legal factors of this city. However, in previous times, this city used to stay aloof from the traveling destination charts of the travelers. However, today the traveling thirsts are including this city in their traveling chart for its colorful and unique culture, which will give you the view of the fine blending of Indian and Portuguese background.

Places of Interest in Dadra

    • Dudhni lake- It can be described as the perfect place for resting.  In this body of water you will come to experience a unruffled surroundings to soothe your hectic life. Here you can opt for enjoying a ride with speed boats. Apart from this you can also arrange for the big boats, that are covered with arch shapes cover on the roof.
    • Vanganga lake Garden- This attractive site is located in Silvassa. This is another destination for making your holidaying more relaxing. Inside this lake-garden area, you will find a beautifully maintained park, jogging area, boating facilities and artificial fountain.
    • Swamainarayan temple- The most interesting factor that you will observe while traveling Dadar, is its peaceful surroundings. Here you will come to experience the facilities of a city life among the peaceful surroundings. While traveling in Dadar, you will come across this beautiful and peaceful shrine. Apart from its calm environment, the architecture of this riverside pink stone made temple will catch your eyes.
    • Deer Park If you are a nature lover, this is the best park, where he can easily feed and touch deer closely. To explore this medium size park, you need to hire a vehicle to roam inside it. Apart from watching the deer and other wildlife creatures, you can view the amazing sight of the nearby valley and dam from its observation point.
    • Silvassa Tribal Museum-Though it is a small museum, but the collections of this union territory museum in Dadar will help you to enhance your knowledge on the historical scenario of this place with an attractive offer for enjoying tribal dance.

Shopping in Dadra
Worli painting- Though Worli painting is known as the main attraction of Maharashtra, but being closely located to Maharashtra, here you will come to see large and unique collections of Worli painting. For a unique shopping option, there is no better option you can consider than the Worli creations.


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