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Dakor – The City Of Bodana, the Beloved Devotee of Krishna
About The City
A mysterious cauldron is what the City of Dakor, located in the Kheda district of Gujarat, is often referred to as. According to legend, the city was named so because the ashram of Rishi Dank was located here.  Dakor is one the cities held in high regard by the devotees of Lord Krishna and every years countless pilgrims visit the temple to pay their respect at the famous Ranchhorji temple and seek the blessings of their favorite deity.

The History of Bodana
There is a famous legend associated with the religious city of Dakor. It is said that Vijayandand Bodana, a Rajput from Dakor and a relentless devotee of Lord Krishna, used to make a trip to Dwarka on foot every six months. He continued this ritual unfailingly until the age of 72, when Lord Krishna himself indicated to him in a dream that he would not need to make the journey for long. It is said that Krishna asked Bodana to bring a along a bullock cart on his last trip to Dwarka and it was then that the idol of Krishna removed itself from the Dwarka temple and accompanied Bodana to Dakor.
Later, when the Guli Brahmans of Dwarka came to know about the missing idol, they accidently killed Bodana. On the intervention of Lord Krishna, they agreed to accept gold equivalent to the weight of the idol of Krishna, which was to be paid by Bodana’s poor widow. However, when the idol was weighted, it miraculously became as light as to match the weight of the lady’s nose ring. Even though the Guli Brahmans were disappointed, Lord Krishna consoled them by assuring that they would find a similar idol in Dwarka after affixed period of time. To this day the idol of Lord Krishna remains in Dakor, which people visit in large numbers to seek his blessings.

The Religious Significance
Due to its association with Lord Krishna and the Ranchhorji temple, Dakor is held in high esteem by Hindus and especially the devotees of Lord Krishna. There is also a famous temple of Lord Shiva near the city which attracts numerous devotees from across India. Given below are the details of these two renowned temples.

Ranchhorji Temple: Lord Krishna was given the name of Ranchor, when he ran away from the battlefield while fighting against Jarasandha in Mathura. The divinity and respect for Ranchhorji is similar to that of Dwarakadish in Dwarka. The main feature of the temple is the beautiful idol of Lord Krishna that has been carved from black stone. Another great attraction of this temple is the fact that the deity is dressed and decorated in public, which is quite unlike most other temple, which are opened to public only after the complete dressing and decoration of the residing deity has been carried out. Devotees visiting this temple can touch only the feet of the idol to seek His blessings. People visit the temple in huge numbers especially on full moon days. 

Galteshwar Temple: Located nearly 16 kms away from Dakor, is a famous Shiva temple constructed during the Solanki era. The temple, which is located on the beautiful converging point of Rivers Mahi and Galati, is a treasure house of Solanki period art and architecture. Even today, the Shiva linga inside this old temple is constantly sprinkled with water from a spring of River Galati. The most distinguishing feature of this temple is its unique eight sided hall, in addition to which the walls are richly decorated with the carved figures of various deities, humans, saints and animals etc.

Other attractions in Dakor:
Gomti Lake: As per the mythological story of Mahabharata, Bhimsen while going for a journey with Lord Krishna, took initiative in carving a pool small in size of fresh and clean water to form a great lake which can provide water for the dwellers and the animal present in the nearby forests. This Lake was named after Gomti River. Many Dharamshala are present by the side of the lake where you can stay back for enjoying the scenic view of the place. Boating can also be enjoyed over here.

Other shrines: Other important shrines of this place include Bodana Temple, Santaram Mandir and Shri Satyanarayana temple


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