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Dantewada, the Goddess Town
Overview of Dantewada:
Dantewada also known as Dantewara is named after Goddess Danteshwari. It is one of the fifty two most sacred Shakti peeths of Hindu religion. This city is a town and nagar Panchayat in Dantewada District. Dantewada is very military active place. It’s the combat zone between government funded Salwa Judum militia and Maoist. Just because of the continuing militancy, this area comes under the most illiterate area of the nation. The basic infrastructure of this area is also not developed because of the violence of the Maoist. Though government is pressurizing for peace talks but it has no effects. Daily people including armed forces personnel are dying in the firing with Maoists.
As of 2001 census Dantewada has a population 6632. 53% are males and rest 47% are females. Over the past two three years almost 350 people have been killed in the firing by Maoist. Almost 50,000 people have been displaced and moved into camps.

History of Dantewada
In ancient times Dantewada used to be a small village and it used to be the part of Dakshin Kaushal. Dakshin Kaushal area also finds mention in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Many rulers came to dominate this area in the medieval period. Between sixth and twelfth centuries it was ruled by Panduvanshi, Somvanshi, Kalchuri and Nagvanshi. In most recent times it formed the part of the Martha Empire.
Dantewada from ancient times has always been sparsely populated. Though they are rich in mineral resources the tribal living here are very poor. The place has always been a naxalite strong hold. Though people have been fighting the terrorists on their own from long time, the government help came when the central government signed the mineral exploitation agreement with TATAs and the ESSAR group.  One the agreement was signed military and police help was provided and Salwa Judum the militia movement was started to flush out the naxalite. The location of this area makes it very hard to develop. Since it is mostly covered in forest and rich mineral deposits, it is becoming hard for the government to flush out the terrorists who blame that the government is trying to flush them out so that they can remove the tribes. Though baseless, this allegation has led the terrorists to increase their fights and some tribal groups are also joining them.

Places to Visit in Dantewada:
Danteshwari Temple: It is one of the most important temples of the Hindus. It forms one of the fifty two Shakti piths of the Hindu mythology where body parts of Devi Sati fell when Lord Shiv was doing Tandav Nratya with Devi Sati’s body.

Minerals: The rich mineral deposits are the place to see for any person with interest in geology. Since the area is terrorist infected no kind of exploitation has been carried out hence the soil and the deposits are same as they were before thousands of years.

Dance: Dantewada is famous for the special tribal dance style called Pandwani, which depicts the story of Pandavas. This type of dance style is unique to the place and has been considered as the rich heritage of the state.

Things to buy in Dantewada: 
Apart from the rich agriculture products and power and steel there is not much that Dantewada produces for the tourists to buy. So if you have agricultural interest Dantewada can be visited for the rich agriculture products.

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