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Daulatabad, a medieval city of ancient architecture
Introduction of the city of Daulatabad
Daulatabad is described as one of the most ancient city in India. According to diverse archaeological expeditions, it is discovered that this city of Maharashtra state is dated back to 100 BCE. That time this city used to be popularly known as Devgiri. Being such an old city, here you will come across incredible ancient architectures, which includes a big fort, caves and different temples on the far-fetched architectures of the bygone period of India. Apart from the architectural importance, this city is linked up with various historical phases of India. The castle and caves are the key attractions of this place after visiting this city.

Attractions of this city of Daulatabad

  • Daulatabad Fort- This is the initial name that will top your traveling schedule of Daulatabad. This 600 ft tall castle is dated back to 12thcentury. The erection of this castle makes it an exclusive place for the travelers. This fort is encircled by the strong walls. This fort is surrounded by the 40 ft deep trenches with an advanced mechanical down bridge. To make this fort safer, in previous times the users of this fort used to put down crocodiles in these trenches. The luminous architecture of this fort draws tourists from different locations to view this wonderful ancient architecture.
  • Bibi Ka Maqbara-This tomb memorial was built in 1678 by the Azam Shah, to pay homage to his mother Begum Rubbia Durrani. The interesting factor of this tomb is that it shares the same look of Taj Mahal. While you enter the ground of this beautiful work of architecture, you will find the beautiful landscapes, garden and the fountains that formulate this marble made memorial into a spectacular site for the travelers.
  • Panchakki-This is an ancient mill of this city, which used to be popular for grinding grain for the pilgrims. This ancient wonder of architecture, displays the advanced grinding process of the Medieval India. The generating of power with the help of water fountain can be observed in this site. Due to the positioning of this site near the Baba Sah Musafir Dargah, transforms this site into one of the most pious site in Aurangabad. While travelling in this beautiful religious site, you will come across a beautiful garden, mosque, Madrassa, which present the medieval architecture of this city.
  • Gates of Aurangabad-One of the most gleaming architecture that makes this city into a different place in India. The architecture of this gateway can be described as an interesting example of medieval architecture. The carvings of this 52 ft tall gate make it a jewel of architecture in India.
  • Bhadkal Gate-This is the prevalent gate of this city which was built for celebrating the victory of this city over the Mughal. The unique architecture and its special technique of carvings, make it as an interesting tourist spot in this medieval town.
  • Anwa Temple- This beautifully constructed temple of Daulatabad is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. As per the archaeological experts, this temple was built in 12th century. The sculptures of various deities inside the shrine make this into a wonder of medieval architecture.

Shopping in Daulatabad
Paithani saree- As this city is intimately located in the Paithan region, so while looking for buying any special thing, consider to procure a beautifully woven Paithani saree. This saree can be described as the exquisite piece of artwork.


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