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Dehradun – An Ancient City with Pristine Natural Beauty
The History of Dehradun
The ancient city of Dehradun is located in the Garhwal region and is the capital of the recently created state of Uttarakhand. The city held great significance under the reign of the Garhwal rulers and also finds reference in the Hindu mythological epic Mahabharta, as the home town of Dhrona, the guru of Kauravas. It is also believed that Sikh guru Ram Rai, also dwelled here, after he was banished to the forests of Dun by the Mughal king Aurangzeb. In the modern times, the city is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also as a hub of knowledge and learning. The city houses numerous well-known educational institutions, where children from all parts of India and the world come to obtain the best education.

Places of Tourist Interest in Dehradun
Clock Tower: The Clock Tower, which is famous for its artistic splendor, is amongst the most important structures of Dehradun. Constructed in an exclusive manner and having six faces, the tower is known for being one of its own kinds, across the whole of Asia. It is said that the chimes of the clock could be heard even in the far-flung areas of this hilly region. Although, the tower still stands tall in the heart of the town, it has ceased functioning a long time back. In the modern times, it is an elegant yet silent reminder of the era gone by.

Chandrabani: Located nearly 7 kms away from Dehradun, the Chandrabani temple is famous for the holy Gautam Kund, whose water is deemed sacred by the devotees visiting this site. As per the ancient mythological believes, Chandrabani was the abode of Mahrishi Gautam and his partner as well as their daughter Anjani. It is also believed to be the site where, Maa Ganga, the descendent from heaven, revealed her true form, which is why devotees consider taking a dip in the holy waters of the kund to be auspicious.

Robber’s Cave: Located in the suburban areas of Dehradun, Robber's Cave, is beautiful place frequented by visitors. The place is also famous by the name of Guchhipani or Guchu Pani and is situated in the midst of magnificent hills. Visitors can trek for a distance of one kilometer to reach a refreshing stream vanishes only a short distance ahead to reappear again after travelling a few kilometers. The caves reflect the incredible settings of nature as it provides a great opportunity to enjoy the unadulterated beautiful surroundings along with a bit of thrill and adventure.

Sahastradhara: This prominent tourist hotspot of Dehradun, is located nearly 14 km from center of the city. The literal meaning of Sahastradhara is 'Thousands fold spring'. The magnificent spring is nearly 9m deep and its water is believed to have medicinal value as it contains a considerable amount of sulphur.  Set amidst the beautiful surroundings of caves and River Baldi, the beauty of the spring is further enhanced by the projecting ridge formed by the presence of large amounts of lime in its water.

Malsi Deer Park: The Malsi Deer Park is situated nearly 10 kms away from Dehradun and is frequented by a large number of people visiting the city. Located at the foothills of the Shivalik range, this park cum zoological garden is famous not only for housing deer but also a good number of the beautiful peacocks as well as the Antelopes, which are popularly known as Nilgai. The park is a favorite picnic spot for both the local people as well as the tourists, who often bring their children here, to watch the various animals and also enjoy the various slides setup in the park by the government.


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