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Natural beauty and British inspired architecture of Dalhousie is breathtaking
Dalhousie is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. Each year several Indian as well as Indian tourists visit here and it adds to the economy of the state. There are many special attractions in Dalhousie and it has the charm of the British architecture infused with the natural beauty. Here you can check out the mesmerizing, Victorian inspired buildings which make an attraction in it. The impressive scenic beauty and picture perfect views add that extra splendor to Dalhousie’s grandeur.   

History of Dalhousie
Being one of the popular Hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, this place is visited in large number by tourists from different corners of India, especially during the summer season. This hill station came into existence in the year 1854. For the British Empire during that period this place acted as a retreat on summer season for the bureaucrats and troops. This area is surrounded by 5 popular hills which are Potreyn, Kathalagh, Bakrota, Terah, and Bhangora. It acts as a gate way to the Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh.

Important attractions and places of interests in Dalhousie:
Dalhousie is blessed with natural beauty and there are amazingly attractive assortments you can visit. Here we have mentioned the popular ones which you should not miss while in Dalhousie. Scroll down and check these fabulous attractions yourself.

Bhuri Singh Museum:
Named after the mighty king Raja Bhuri, this beautiful museum with great artifacts and paintings was started in 1908. This museum is located in Chamba and it is said that the Late king Raja Bhuri gave the paintings compiled by his family to this museum. These paintings are exhibited in the museum itself. Here you can check out the Kangra paintings, Basohli style paintings and the traditional Chamba Rumals. This museum is quiet famous and here you can check out the master pieces.

Rang Mahal:
Raja Umed Singh was the founder of the Rang Mahal which is situated in the Surara Mohalla. This place speaks for the infusion of Indian and British architecture. The walls of Rang Mahal are adorned with beautiful traditional paintings and Punjab hill style paints. There are beautiful Lord Krishna paintings which look highly intriguing. We will recommend you to make a visit to the Himachal Emporium, from where you can buy the authentic local handicrafts like the Chamba rumal, shawls and the famous Chamba chappals. The timings of the emporium are 10 am to 1 pm and 2 to 5 pm on all the six working days. Paying a visit here will give you a diferent side of the local culture

Subhash Baoli:
Named after Subhash Chander Bose, this beautiful spring with medicinal values is a kind of place which attracts Indian as well as foreign tourists. The perennial spring’s water has powers with which it can cure many diseases. It is said that when Subhash Chander Bose’s health was declining during the 1937, he came to Dalhousie for some time and he stayed for seven months. The water of this spring cured and rejuvenated his body, mind and soul and after seven months he became fit and fine.

Dainkund is located at a height of 2755 meter and the distance between Dalhousie and Dainkund is just 10 kms. We will recommend you to take a day picnic here with your friends and family. The picture perfect scenery and the cool climate of Dainkund make it a beautiful attraction. To reach here you can take a trekking trail and enjoy the awe inspiring views. Melodious chirping of birds and the cool and gentle breeze will refresh your mind and soul. Here you can experience great peace and tranquility.  At the peak of this place mounts the base of Indian Air Force and in the left side there is a beautiful temple. What makes this temple interesting is that there is no idol or statue is there in the temple. In the premises itself, there is a trident. The amazing view of the entire valley can be enjoyed from here.

You can also visit the Gandhi Chowk which is an apt place for a day picnic. Some other places which you should not miss are the St. Andrews Church, Jandhri Ghat and St. Francis Church.


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