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Dholavira – A Place to Remember the Grandeur of the Era Gone By
Dholavira, an ancient archeological site located in the Kutch district of Gujrat, is famous for its ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization.  It was discovered in between 1967 to 68 by J. P. Joshi; Dholavira is the fifth largest Harrapan excavation site and is known for “having added new dimensions to the personality of Indus Valley Civilization”.

Learning a Bit More About the Excavation Site
The archeological remains of the Harrapan city in Dholavira provide an insight into the seven stages of civilization that inhabited the region. The excavation has highlighted the vast knowledge about urban planning and architecture possessed by the people of that era. The remains also suggest that at some point of time Dholavira could have been a major hub between for people living in the regions of South Gujrat, Sind and Punjab and even Western Asia.
The most important finding of the excavations at Dholavira is the sophisticated water conservation system. Despite being one the world’s earliest such system, it is not only really well designed but also gives a fair indication of the advanced level of engineering skills the Harrapan people possessed.  The system was made completely from stone and consisted of various channels and reservoirs of which only three are currently visible. The system was used for storing fresh water harvested from rain water or from the two rivulets flowing nearby.
In addition to the water conservation system, archeologists have also found seals with the figures of animals inscribed on them, which are believed to belong to the third stage of civilization in the region. Other artifacts and objects such as beads, animal bones, gold, silver, terracotta ornaments, pottery and bronze vessels have also been unearthed during the excavations which give an idea of the life and culture of the people in that era.
A visit to the archeological site of Dholavira can be like a nostalgic journey into the pre-historic era, when mankind was still learning the first lessons of evolution. It is also possible that visitors coming here might end up having more questions than answers. But irrespective of that, a trip to the archeological remains of Dholavira is not only inspiring but also amazing in many respects.

Other Prominent Tourist Spots
The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is located within the Rann of Kutch and covers an area of nearly 7,505 square kilometers. The wildlife sanctuary consists mainly of forest areas, wastelands as well as the territorial waters from the Arabian Sea. The sanctuary houses numerous wild animals which are endangered, including a wide variety of reptiles and other avifauna. However, the sanctuary is more famous for being the breeding ground of the Greater Flamingo, apart from which people can also find hyenas, sambhar, jackals, chinkara, wild boar, nilgai, Indian hare and pale hedgehog in these environs. In addition, the sanctuary also houses the Indian breeds of Small civet, porcupine and foxes and reptiles like venomous and non-venomous snakes, monitor lizards and star tortoise. 

The Great Rann of Kutch: Located within the Thar Desert, the Great Rann of Kutch is famous as the only place in India and Pakistan where flamingos come for breeding. This seasonal salt marsh is also the largest salt desert found across the globe. The vegetation of this region comprises mostly of tress like Apluda and Cenchrus as well other dry thorny shrubs. The most phenomenal attraction of the Great Rann is the Chir Batti or the Ghost lights, which is an unexplained and strange dancing light that is visible in the region at night time. There is also a three day annual festival called the Rann Utsav, which tourists like to attend to experience the local culture and hospitality.


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