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Dholpur, the mythological city of Rajasthan
An overview of the city of Dholpur
As per the Indian mythology, it is said that this eastern most part city of Rajasthan used to be a ruling place of Yadava dynasty, prior the destructive battle of Mahabharata. That time this place used to known by Dhawalgiri. Apart from being an important site in the Indian mythology, this site is an important historical location, which witnessed the important phase of Mauryan ruling period to British period. By traveling inside this city, you will come across different historical ruins of different period that will give you a broad idea about the bygone years of this city.

Places of interest in Dholpur

    • Ramsagar Sanctuary-This sanctuary is popular for the wide collections of the aquatic creatures. Ramsagar Lake is the pivotal part for making this sanctuary. In this aquatic creature based sanctuary, you will find the creatures like crocodiles, snakes, rare fish, Apart from these creatures, you can notice the rare collections of water birds like Stilt, Moorhen, Cormorants, Ibis, Sand Piper, White breasted Waterhen, darter, River tern, Herons, Ringed Plove. If you explore this sanctuary, then notice the beautiful migratory geese and ducks near this Ramsagar lake controlled sanctuary.
    • Sher Shikha Gurdwara-This is a renowned religious site for the Sheikh pilgrims. This site is dedicated to pay tribute to Sikh Guru Hargobind Sahen Ji.
    • Sant nagar- As Dholpur is an important site for witnessing various valuable incidents of the Buddhists, so, here you will get numerous sites that are linked up with Buddhist religion. Among these shrines, of Lord Buddha, one of the most notable one is Sant nagar. Here you will find a serene temple of Lord Buddha.
    • Shergarh Fort-This is an historical Fort, which was built by Sher Shah Suri. This fort is located on the southern part of the Dholpur tower.
    • The Muchkund temple-This sacred temple is located 4 km away from the city Dholpur. This ancient site is famous for its breathtaking surroundings. According to various sources, it is said that the Suryavangshi King Muchkunda, used to rule here before 19th generation before the arrival of Lord Ram.
    • Khanpur mahal-This beautiful sandstone made palace is well likes for its brilliant architecture. By travelling inside this palace, you will find a beautiful combination of art and architecture in it. Apart from the constructions and historical importance, this site offers you to view a wide collection of the ancient paintings, sculptures and rare art crafts of the ancient period.
    • Talab E Shahi-This is a Royal Lake, which is located near Dholpur city. Here you will find a mind blowing view of the cemented lake and a wide garden area beside the lake. This lake offers to view wide collections of migratory birds in winter season. It is considered as one of the beautiful sight in Dholpur that gives you an image of the Royal life and culture of this city.

Shopping in Dholpur
Local art works- From a long time, Rajasthan and its suburb areas are noted for precious collections of handworks and Bandhani sarees. When you need to buy something unique while traveling this city, you can consider these colorful handworks of the local people.


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