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Dooars – The Hub of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
 About Dooars
Dooars is the region consisting of the floodplains and foothills in the eastern Himalayan region. Dooars means door in multiple language and the area is named such to signify its importance as the gateway to Bhutan from India.  This is the only region is India having a nitrate rich soil. The area was of great importance in the Kamata Kingdom, which existed during the medieval times. It was also the first capital of Koch Kingdom, which was established by Vishwa Singla. Later when the Koch kingdom weakened, Dooars was annexed by Bhutan and was restored to India only when the British defeated Bhutan after the 1865 Bhutan War. Dooars is well known for three T’s each of which stand for Tea, Tourism and Timber, respectively. Being the doorway to Bhutan, the region is also the main hub of export and import between the two nations.

About Nature and Wildlife
Dooars is extremely popular for its natural beauty and biodiversity, making it a haven for both nature and wildlife lovers as well as photographers and artists. The most important attractions of Dooars are the various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are scattered in the region.  Some of these parks and sanctuaries are detailed below.

Jaldapara National Park: Located in the foothills of eastern Himalayas, the Jaldapara national Park consists of vast grasslands interspersed with riverine forests.  The national park is primarily famous for its huge population of one horned Rhino, which is an endangered species. In addition, the park is also famous for harboring a great variety of flora and fauna unique to this region. The park also attracts bird watchers in large numbers as they can spot birds such as Bengal Florican, crested eagle, fish eagle and shikra etc., in this park.

Buxa Tiger Reserve: The Buxa Tiger reserve is a 760 sq km area within the Buxa National Park, which is the 15th tiger reserve in India. The reserve was set up in 1983, and is famous as the home of Asian Elephant, Tiger, Gaur, Wild Boar and Sambar.  In addition the reserve also houses more than 284 different species of birds as well as numerous species of other mammals, reptiles and amphibians. It also has the greatest number of fish species in the entire North Bengal region. In addition visitors can enjoy activities like trekking and park safari to cherish the numerous gifts of nature bestowed on this region.

Gorumara National Park: This medium-sized national park is known for its grasslands and forests. It is also yet another park famous for housing the one horned rhinos. The park has numerous watchtowers where visitors can use powerful binoculars with night-vision facilities observe the wildlife in its natural lifestyle and habitat.  There are no four-wheel or even elephant safaris and even though trekking is allowed on metallic roads, it is considered highly unsafe given the huge population of elephants, gaurs and rhinos that roam the park. The park is closed for visitors during the monsoon season.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary: Located in the vicinity of Gorumara National Park, the park is named after a variety of fish called Chapra, which are found in abundance in this region. A major attraction of the park is its vast population of elephants. The park also offers a diverse range of flora and fauna and is also known for housing the Royal Bengal Tiger, even though they are not present in large numbers here. There are also different varieties of other mammals and reptiles, in addition to a wide range of bird species which attract bird watchers form different parts of the globe to this place.


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