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Durga Kavach Pendant

Durga Kavach Pendant

Durga Kavach is associated with Goddess Durga with her blessings encompassed in it. Durga Kavach Pendant has Godess Durga Yantra on one side and a Goddess Durga’s image on the other side. Durga Kavach Yantra is created with the combination of two beads of powerful Rudraksha and Durga Locket. Maa Durga also known as Maa Bhagwati or Maa Shakti has the Heavenly Feminine Power. User of Durga Power Rudraksha Pendant is blessed with Power, Energy, Dynamism, Abundance and Fearlessness.
Sidh Shri Durga Yantra provides protection to the wearer or user from all sorts of practical dangers such as opponents, quarrels, litigations, ill effects, etc. Durga Talisman bestows wealth, protection, property and protects the wearer from all kinds of dangers. It also elongates your life.

Beej Mantra for Maa Durga
“Aum shri Durgaye namah”

Durga Kavach Yantra has got tremendous protecting powers which are very proactive and helps eradicates distresses & negativity before they can even begin to harm the worshipper.

Benefits of Durga Kavach:
  • User of Durga Power Pendant gets blessings of Maa Durga, all the obstacles of his/her life are removed thereby bestowing you with overall Success in life.
  • Sidh Shri Durga Kavach helps in providing patience, controlling anger and provides a feeling of courage. The wearer gets Bravery, Endurance, Courage and his Fame and Name spreads all around.
  • Wearer gets protection from Black Magic, Evil Eye, Negativity, Paranormal activities and Ghosts.
  • The malefic effects of Ketu are warded off by this locket. Effects of Ketu are alike Mars and include fever, eye-pain, diseases of lung, bowel pain, body pain, skin disease, etc.
  • Durga Tabiz/ Tabij is important for women since they get a protection shield of Maa Durga by wearing it. Sidh Shri Durga Kavach increases their self-confidence and thereby makes them protected and fearless.

Energization of Durga Kavach:

Maa Durga kavach requires energization to infuse potency and power to profit the wearer. So, before sending this powerful Kavach to our patrons, energizes it with Pran Pratishtha done by experienced person without any extra charges.
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