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Dzongu – The Home Of Sikkim’s Original Inhabitants “The Lepchas”

About DzonguLocated in the North District of Sikkim is the picturesque city of Dzongu, known for its secluded population of Lepchas, the original inhabitants of this hill state. The place is also famous for its largely unexplored beauty, which include dense forests, deep valleys and steep hills. Its lush green environment combined with its countless cascading waterfalls and beautiful lakes make it one of the most refreshing and revitalizing tourist destinations across India. However, the greatest attraction of the city is the folk community of Lepchas, who live in detached isolation from the outside world. The visitors come here to enjoy a home-stay with these natives of Sikkim and in the process become familiar with their unique and ancient traditions and lifestyles.

Prominent Places Of tourist Interest

Lingthem Village: This village is located only at a short distance from the beautiful village of Passingdang, which houses the Lepchas. Visitors have to make short hike through bamboo grooves, terraced fields and pine ridges, which proves really refreshing. On reaching the top the beautiful view of Mount Kanchenjunga and the Dzongu valley almost make up for the efforts. The place is also renowned for its ancient houses, which are considered to the last remaining sample of Lepcha architecture. In additions, visitors can also see the various Buddhist monasteries which come alive during the month of December, when the locals perform the enchanting Mask dance here.

Hee Gyathang: Hee Gyathang is a beautiful lake village located in the centre of a dense growth of thickets and plants. The village can be accessed from the Passingdang village and famous for its beautiful lake which holds great religious significance for the local Lephas. It is common belief of the Lepchas that the silver fishes that crowd the lake are born form lice taken from a goddess who was magnificent. It is believed that she was loved by a creature who is a supernatural being and whose offspring were the ancestors of the Lepcha community.  The Lepchas also associate the existence of the silver fishes with their own existence on earth and believe that when the cease to exist, they will also follow course. The village offers an opportunity to experience the purity of nature and relish its charms.

Sakyong And Pentong: According to the local legend, the two villages of Sakyong and Pentong are the famous and holy gateways to Khangchendzonga, which is apparent from the local view of the places.
The villages offer a magnificent view of the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga in the background and lush green valleys, laden with blossoming meadows and dense forests, in the foreground. The villages are located on the opposite sides of a valley divide and are surrounded by forest grooves, cardamom fields and roaring waterfalls. The villages are also the last spot to have human inhabitants in such close proximity with the mountains covered with snow. 

Tholung Monastery: This place with remarkable natural beauty is a major tourist destination of Dzongu. The monastery, which is located amidst the picturesque scenery of deep valleys and hills with great waterfalls and dense vegetation, is considered to be the meditation point of Guru Rinpoche. It is also believed that he buried a treasure here. This monastery was constructed in the 18th century by a person named Lhatsun Chenpo in order to preserve the Buddhist manuscripts as well as other relics during Gorkha Invasion.

Tingvong Village: Located on a gentle slope that is located on a gentle slope from which visitors can view the deep valleys is known for its natural beauty. Situated within terraced farmlands that produce mustard, millet and vegetables, with streams of clear water flowing nearby, the village is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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