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Air Force Day (Bharatiya Vayu Sena

The Indian Air Force (Bharatiya Vayu Sena) is the world’s fourth largest air force. The main responsibility of the air arm of the Indian armed forces is to secure the Indian airspace and to conduct aerial war. Air Force Day India was established on 8th Oct 1932 as a support system of the British Empire. After independence of India from U.K., the Royal Indian Air Force (IAF) served the Dominion of India, when India became a republic in 1950. Since independence, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been involved in one war with the People's Republic of China and four wars with Pakistan.

Air Force Day Date:

08 October

Other major tasks undertaken by the Indian Air Force Day include Operation Meghdoot, Operation Vijay, Operation Poomalai and Operation Cactus. Apart from the wars, the IAF has been an active member in UN peacekeeping missions.  The President of India serves as Supreme Commander of the Indian Air Force (Bharatiya Vayu Sena). The mission of Indian Air Force (Bharatiya Vayu Sena) is well-defined by the Armed Forces Act of 1947, the Air Force Act of 1950 and the Constitution of India.

The rank of Air Chief Marshal is the Commander of the Indian Air Force. Air Chief Marshal is assisted by 6 other officers, all with the rank of Air Marshal:

  • Vice Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Air Officer in Charge of Administration
  • Air Officer in Charge of Personnel
  • Air Officer in Charge of Maintenance
  • Director General of Inspection and Flight Safety.

The Indian Air Force (Bharatiya Vayu Sena) has the main objective of protecting Indian Territory and national safeties from all threats in conjunction with the other branches of the armed forces by protecting Indian airspace. Bharatiya Vayu Sena provides close air support to the Indian Army troops in the battleground and also gives strategic and tactical airlift competencies.

The Indian Air Force along with the other divisions of the Indian Armed Forces provide assistance in disaster relief, such as during natural disasters by undertaking air dropping relief supplies and search-and-rescue (SAR) operations in the affected zones. 

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