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Alwar Festival

 Alwar Festival

Alwar is this beautiful and popular tourist attraction in the foothills of the famous Aravallis. The numerous things to see in Alwar makes it a very sought after tourist destination. Apart from its numerous attractions, other reason why people like visiting this place is because of the festivals celebrated here. It is a very important way people get to learn about the Alwar culture and tradition closely. Despite the celebration of many festivals, one of the most popular ones is the Alwar festival held in the month of February. The processions through the Alwar streets are a symbol of the festival being open for three days.




Alwar Festival Date:

Alwar Festival Date 2017- 13-Feb to 15-Feb

Alwar Festival Date 2018- 13-Feb to 15-Feb*

Alwar Festival Date 2019- 13-Feb to 15-Feb*

Alwar Festival Date 2020- 13-Feb to 15-Feb*

Note-*Dates may slightly change as per convenience of local administration. Check before finalizing the itinerary.

About the significance of Alwar Festival

This festival is brought to life by the district administration and is spread over three long days. The main purpose behind this festival is to promote the Alwar tourism which otherwise would be forgotten by many. The diversity of this rural place is rightly depicted through a series of events lined up during these three days.

Apart from the numerous rural activities that take place, other events include the fancy dress competition, elephant polo, sketching competitions, flower shows and others. Numerous antique items of this place are showcased in this festival. There are numerous film shows which are also organized as part of the celebrations in Alwar.

Popularity of Alwar and its Festival in India

There are many people who visit Alwar to understand its diversity and culture. The Alwar Festival is a very interesting and unique way to showcase or portray its culture and traditions thereby keeping the district of Alwar alive. Alwar is very easily accessible through Delhi thus the inflow of tourists’ only increases year after year. One of the main attractions of this festival is the Shilp Gram or the handicraft village which amazes onlookers of manual skills.

Tourists never get bored during this festival as there are few events specially lined up to keep them engaged. Visit the lively town of Alwar or the Land of tigers in February to be part of this celebration. As the years go by and popularity of the Alwar festival being spread across the country, those who are very inclined to cultural differences and traditions make it a point to visit Alwar in February. This is the time when the entire town comes to life together and celebrates with great enthusiasm.


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