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Amongmong Festival

Amongmong Festival

Amongmong -Pre Harvest Festival of Sangtam Tribe

Amongmong Festival falls in the first week of September every year. This is a Pre-Harvest festival celebrated in Nagaland by the Sangtam Tribe. Togetherness is the best word to describe Amongmong. People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm for six days. Tribe worships their local deities. They place three cooking stones near the fireplace in order to achieve good harvest, prosperity and health of the tribe.

Significance of Amongmong Festival

The announcement is made in the night by the village priest and on the next morning another village priest reads proclamation about the festival. Special wine, local food stuff and firewood are arranged by the villagers. The priest embarks his announcement in order to separate the spirit of dead from the living one. With the help of this festival, a line is dotted with separate living and deal people of the tribe. The main reason why this person celebrates this festival is to receive good harvest. Every six days are marked with special significance. The first day of the Amongmong Festival is called as “Singkitshaa”.

Six Days of Celebration

1. Singkitshaa (First Day): On this day people closed all transactions such as purchasing domestic animals. Collections and preparation of food stuff are done on the first day.

2. Second Day: People roped all these domestic animals. They separate portion of meat for the feast and is further distributed among the group called Akhingru and Athiru.

3. Musuyangtap (Third Day): On this day the oldest women of the tribe worship three oven stones. She does some rituals by placing balls of rice on the top of the stone. Later she pours special wine on the stones by reading Mantras.

4. Kikha-Langpi (Fourth Day): The males of the tribe clean the entire villages. It is believed that cleaning the village on the fourth day of the festival brings joy. To protect from cholera, they cover their head with green leaves.

5. Shilang Wuba Nyunong (Fifth Day): Food and drinks are shared by the village people with their neighbors and relatives.

6. Akatisingkithsa (Sixt Day): This is the last day where tribe people devoting their time by preaching their local deities. They give special thanks to the Mother Earth and start their harvesting.

Quick Fact of Amongmong Festival

On the first three days, people of the tribe are not allowed to go outfields. They believe that if anyone visit their fields on these days, they are actually inviting natural calamities. Sangtam tribe believes that their God is well pleased. They hope for blessings have rich harvest and good health in the tribe.


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