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April Fool Day

 April Fool Day

April fool Day –Fool Your Friends and Family or a Stranger!
April day is celebrated every year on 1st April. Many of us celebrate this day just for playing pranks on their family, friends or a stranger. But the truth is that most of the people are not aware why exactly this day is celebrated as the April fool’s day. A joke can be easily lost in translation and surprisingly universal and hence this event is celebrates at the international festival all around the world. April fool’s day is also called as All Fool’s day is one of the funniest days. The origins of this festival are uncertain. Some believe that it is the old traditions followed since years and years, whereas other believe that it is adopted from the new calendar. Whatever the origins come from, this event is celebrated on huge platform by everyone every year.

April Fool Day Date:  01 April

Origin of April fool day
In the medieval France, it is believed that they use to celebrate this year as the New Year on 1st April. When the new calendar was introduced in the year 1562, Pope Greogory this New Year was changed to 1st January according to the Christian calendar. As there was no quick communications, the New Year celebrations news travelled slowly all over the world. Many people ignore the new changes and did not hear and others simply forgot the new changes. Those who ignored or forgot were called as fools. Invitations were sent but practically everyone called them as fools. This type of jesting took place all over the world.  The playing pranks evolved and slowly were spread to Scotland and England, and then it further travelled to the American colonies, the English, the French and to the Atlantic people. This festival got huge attentions and was declared as the international festival full of fun and enthusiasm.

Celebrations of April fool day
The April fool day is celebrated with many types of pranks on their friends, family or even on stranger. No one take it offensively. Everyone enjoy and take this pranks sportingly without any grudges. Children stick paper with a note on somebody’s back, some call then up and say that they have arrange party to attend, and many more. Pranks are played on their own ideas just to enjoy the day with full jest. April fool’s day is celebrated throughout the country. Especially in western countries, this festival is celebrated on huge platform. People try to play pranks so that people believe in their ridiculous things.


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