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Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival India.

The Autumn Festival
Meghalaya features some of the most beautiful tourist spots of the country. The high mountain peaks, lush green gardens, beautiful streams are some of the natural sceneries that rule over the hearts and minds of the visitors.  Meghalaya gets flooded with tourists from all across the world especially during the month of October- November. This is due to the autumn festival that is celebrated in Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya during the month of October- November. This festival is organised by the Government of Meghalaya. This is a cultural festival that is specifically organised for the entertainment of the residents of Shillong.  This year the festival will be celebrated from 1 to 3rd November.

Celebrations during this Festival
The festival starts with a beautiful carnival procession by the students of different colleges and schools. There are different types of plays held that portraying the stories related to the lives of these children and the winners of these shows are awarded with cash prizes. Other than this there is a cycling competition too that takes place in the beautiful Khasi Valleys. The festival features some of the most spectacular night light shows and sound shows. There are food stalls to tickle your taste buds that offer some foods from some of the world’s most delicious food cuisines.

The autumn festival is a very happening time for the people of Shillong as well as the tourists that come from other regions of the world. There is a feeling of joy and happiness all around the four corners of the city. This festival is packed with fashion show, kite flying, flower shows, golf tournaments, fishing competitions, music shows and many more. There are various bands and other pop singers that perform live during the festival. The festival is celebrated on a very large scale basis and each and every person of the city gather together to attend the festival. People come to the festival with their children, families, friends and relatives. The government of Meghalaya gives the opportunity to the various budding artists in the country to showcase their talent. This festival provides these artists a great platform to perform their arts. Different types of cultural and classical dances are performed on this eve. Meghalaya is a land that offers home to different types of tribes. All these tribes are very active during this festival, the people from these tribes have their own culture and own set of customs.


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