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Bera Utsav

Bera Utsav

Bera Utsav

Bera Utsav is a regional festival celebrated in the Murshidabad district of the state of West Bengal. The annual event is organized at the historical and picturesque location of Lalbagh, which at one time was the home of the Nawabs and is located on the banks of River Bhagirathi. People throng the district of Murshidabad to witness this magnificent event.  The event is held on the last Thursday of the Bhadra month of the traditional Bengali calendar.

In 2014, Bera Utsav will be organized sometime in mid September.

The History of Murshidabad

Murshidabad is a major city that holds great significance in the history of West Bengal. The city gets its name from the great Nawab of Bengal, Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, who made Murshidabad political center, after he shifted his capital from Dhaka, in the early 18th century. Later, the city continued to prosper under the reign of the other nawabs, who retained Murshidabad as their political capital.  The city is also famous as the venue of the Battle of Plassey, fought in 1757, which marked the beginning of British rule in India.

Significance of Bera Utsav

Bera Utsav is one of the most important festivals of West Bengal and is believed to have been celebrated from the time of the Nawabs. The festival presents a great opportunity to witness the rich cultural and historical heritage of not only Murshidabad but of the whole of West Bengal. The event is extremely important from tourism point of view as it attracts thousands of visitors from the various parts of India and the world to witness the festivities which are celebrated with great magnificence and splendor.

Celebration of Bera Utsav

The most important aspect of the celebration of Bera Utsav is the splendid firework display. The multicolored fireworks of varying shapes and sizes add to the fun and thrill of the festival. The firework display is so famous that people from all parts of the globe come to the festival to just witness the extraordinary sight they present.

In addition to the magnificent display of fireworks the Utsav also features various performances of traditional songs and dances. It is quite common for people to come dressed in traditional Bengali attire and there is also abundance of local dishes and delicacies for people to enjoy. A fair featuring numerous rides and games is also organized on the occasion for the entertainment of the visitors.


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