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Bundi Utsav

Bundi Utsav

Bundi Utsav –Spectacular Festival of Paintings and Architecture

Bundi Utsav is one of the greatest festivals celebrated in the state of Rajasthan from many years. The main highlight of the festival is to commemorate the talents of culture and traditions along with handicrafts and paintings made by the local residents. It is the culmination of culture and craftsmanship with its grandeur. This festival is celebrated in the month of November and is totally captivated with colourful Arts and Crafts Fair, Shobha Yatra, Folk and Classical dances and songs, Turban competition, and many more. This festival is worth to enjoy the scenic beauty and traditions of Rajasthan state.

Highlights of the Festival of Bundi

Bundi festival is celebrated in the Hadoti district of Rajasthan. It is the perfect combination of Rajasthan culture and traditions. Every year, the local residents surprise visitors by displaying their unique talent in traditional, arts and culture craftsmanship. Sports, dance, music, competition, sightseeing and many other important events are been arranged by the Rajasthan State of Tourism. They arrange excellent works of their traditions and hence thousands of people from all over the world love to visit this event every year. The Bundi festival is capable to hold attention of the visitors by displaying their paintings, handicrafts and other craftsmanship works.

Traditions followed and Celebrations in Bundi Utsav

The festival is the most awaited event in Rajasthan every year. People start preparing its celebrations from many months so that they get an opportunity to showcase their talents among the visitors. The festival starts with customs and rituals procession with ethnic “Shobha Yatra”. During the yatra, people display their customs and traditions by carrying matkas on the head decorated with exquisite designs of moti, and other hand work. They carry this Yatra along with traditional songs and dances to entertain the visitors. Over the celebrations, Keshorai Patan which is a small town near Bundi displays its miniature version of the Puskar Cattle Fair. Local people of the villages light their traditional lamps and chant their Vedic hymns by offering prayers near the bank of the Chambal River.

Apart from these celebrations, the local residents of the villages celebrate Deep Daan which means donating or gifting lamps to the people. Apart from this, you can witness turban lying competitions, music contests, bridal attire shows, rural sports contests, and many more. You can even witness dazzling fireworks during the festival. Overall, the Bundi festival is worth to visit that gives you an unforgettable experience by participating in the festival.

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