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Central Excise Day

Central Excise Day

Central Excise Day holds a distinct place in list of festivals in India as it marks the ratification and enactment of Central Excise and Salt Act, 1944. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India. Central Excise Day is celebrated all over India on 24th February mainly to encourage the employees of the Excise Department to carry out the central excise duty in a better way to control the corruption in goods manufacturing business.

Central Excise Day: 24-February

The day is also celebrated to implement several other rules to carry out best possible Excise Services. The Board is a Government agency responsible for controlling matters relating to service tax, customs, central excise and narcotics. Different states of the country conduct several programs on this day. 

The Central Board of Excise and Customs was established in 1855 as the Customs and General Excise Department and it is one of the oldest Indian government agencies. At present, The Central Board of Excise and Customs operates under the Department of Revenue comes under the Ministry of Finance. This specific department is mainly responsible for collecting service tax, customs duty, excise duty and narcotics duty, preventing corruption, smuggling and drug trafficking.

The Central Excise law is administered by the CBEC or Board (Central Board of Excise and Customs) through its field offices, the Central Excise Commissionerates. The Central Excise Officers are also assigned to collect distinct types of duties charged under Additional Duties (Textiles and Textiles Articles) Act, Additional Duties (Goods of Special Importance) Act, etc.

Central Excise has become the main source of the financial growth of the India for the better socio-economic development in the country. In the back years, the financial revenue of India has become double through the better control of the corruption in the manufacturing business and proper service delivery standards of the Central Excise Departments. Central Excise Dept. supports a lot to improve the economic status of the country for offering better education, eliminating the poverty and illiteracy and health services and to make the country a developed country.

The Central Excise Day is celebrated in India by organizing a number of theme based programmes, workshops, awareness programs, cultural events, competitions and seminars in different parts of the country. This award ceremony is the key highlights of the Central Excise Day celebration.

With the advent of GST (Goods and Service Tax), Central Excise is expected to take back seat. Let us see what happens to Excise Day, thereafter.

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