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Chandigarh Garden Festival

 Chandigarh Garden Festival

The Chandigarh Garden Festival is a popular festival among the people of the Indian state Chandigarh. It is also known as the festival of gardens and lasts for about 3 days. Usually, it is observed during the last week of February every year. Previously the festival was known as Rose Festival, inspiring the people for visiting the rose orchards in order to savour the splendid sights.

Chandigarh Garden Festival Date:

Chandigarh Garden Festival 2017- 20 to 22 February

Chandigarh Garden Festival 2018- Last week of February*

Chandigarh Garden Festival 2019- Last week of February*

Chandigarh Garden Festival 2020- Last week of February*

Note-*Dates are finalized as per convenience of local administration. Check before finalizing the itinerary.

About Gardens in Indian Festivals

Gardens, be of any flower, are always meant to be cherished. Therefore, it goes without saying that the gardens have a great role to play in the festivals. Specially, for a country like India, where the beauty of nature is awe-inspiring, the flowers are obvious to take the center stage of any festival. The flowers of the gardens are often found to be part of the festival dresses. On the other hand, these days, the cheaper imitations of the beautiful flowers are also worn.

For the gardens in Chandigarh, there are loads of mentionable names. In fact, for the tourists, the gardens fall under one of the major categories of attraction. Various styles are sported by the people who are engaged in the concerned festival. These styles are innovative, beautiful and have great involvement of the flowers. Therefore, the significance of the gardens regarding the Indian festivals is highly notable.

For the Chandigarh Garden Festival, varieties of the flowers become parts. There are tourism companies which take the responsibility of the tourists while helping them being engaged in the festival. Since it lasts for 3 days, the tourists get enough time to be joyous while exploring the feel of the garden to the fullest. Just like this, there are various other gardens in India that are largely cherished by the tourists. The gardens, in one sense are always attractive no matter if or not any festival is going on.

Celebrating Chandigarh Garden Festival

Celebrating Chandigarh Garden Festival involves various kinds of flower shows in a fair. The fair is actually a large garden, consisting of different kinds of the flowers. The flowers are showcased in different attractive styles. This is one of the times of the year, where the innovators of Chandigarh get busy with their works and earning praises. The event also includes dances and musical performances. Various famous folk artists are called up in the festival for providing entertainment to the common mass.

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